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Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover


Author:   Colleen Hoover

Book:     Maybe Someday

Series:    Maybe, Book #1

tl;dr recommendation: This story ripped open my heart and my fucking tear ducts. In a REALLY REALLY GOOD way.

Longer Review/Reaction:

ALL THE FEELS. Seriously, All The Fucking Feels. I cried my face off while reading this book and I am not an extraordinarily emotional person. I didn’t even know why I was crying at times. Was I angry? Sad? Happy? I DON’T KNOW. I clearly had a visceral reaction to this book. Basically I’m overly contemplative and introverting so hard. I’m not certain I’m in the proper state of mind to actually write this review, but HERE WE GO ANYWAY.

allthefeels      fallstogroundillbefine

This book involves a love triangle. YES, I am fully fucking aware that I don’t like love triangles. But to be completely honest I didn’t actually know what the book was about before I started reading it. I like doing that sometimes…it’s like a blind date with a book. that way we get to know each other without any expectations. and ohhhhh myyyyy godddddd. what a blind date. I just….I just….SIGH. Ok, maybe now I’ll really start the review:

We meet Sydney on a very not so happy twenty-second birthday. She finds out she’s been betrayed by her best friend/roommate and her boyfriend and this event leaves her heartbroken and homeless. She’s pretty much in a puddle literally and figuratively and finds herself living with Ridge, Warren and Bridgette – a strange yet fun group of twenty-somethings as I’ve ever read. They like pranks and they like revenge pranks even more. It’s pretty great. Ridge is a musician and even though he’s deaf he’s a musical genius. He writes songs for his brother’s band and Warren manages it. RIDGE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. of FIVE YEARS. who HE LOVES. very fucking much. and yet….and yet….Sydney ignites a piece of his heart that he didn’t even know existed. Oh sweet baby jesus it’s heartwrenching to watch them fall in love with each other while they desperately fight against it.

I lovelovelove how honest they are. I mean, they could have so easily swept their feelings under the rug, made a huge ball of awkward and tried to avoid it bouncing around the room. But they don’t. They address things. They try to be grown ups. They try to avoid temptation at all costs. And still, they fail miserably. This story ripped open my heart and my fucking tear ducts. My husband glanced at me while I was reading this at 8:30am one morning with tears running down my face and just said, “that good of a morning, huh?” They were tears of happiness, of sadness, of heartbreak, of love, of anger….I think I felt every human emotion possible during this read. But it’s SO GOOD. Ridge and Sydney experience a depth and range of emotions: some good, some bad, and some incredibly sexy. I may have screamed KISS HER! like twenty-thousand times. but then I didn’t want him to. but I did. See my problem?! I needed Sydney to just say when…

In case you missed it, I loved this book. I love being forced to read about difficult situations and how to navigate them. And I loved to see these two grow into people they can each respect even after everything that happened between them. I also loved the blubbering mess this book turned me into. #WorthIt. #MustRead.

“We try so hard to hide everything we’re really feeling from those who probably need to know our true feelings the most.”

Review: The Right Choice by Carly Phillips


Author:   Carly Phillips

Book:     The Right Choice

Series:    Love Unexpected

tl;dr recommendation:    A sweet romance that leaves you hugging yourself with a smile on your face

Longer Review/Reaction:

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

I generally hate books that involve love triangles. I suppose my poor heart just can’t take it and I generally avoid these stories like the plague. However, this story may have changed my tune…this book is one of Carly’s older stories that has recently been released as an ebook and it tells a tale of Carly’s journey from what she thinks she needs to love that she’ll allow herself to accept.

Carly is engaged to Peter, a lawyer who is on the partnership track at her father’s firm. The proposed marriage is one of convenience for both of them more than anything else. But when Carly meets Mike, Peter’s brother, she’s assaulted with feelings. She forces herself to ignore the sparks, insulates herself from the growing desire, and convinces herself that marrying Peter is the right choice. Mike is in town to help with the party planning, and is also using this time to escape and run from his own demons. When the two come together the chemistry is practically unavoidable and the growing need for each other causes them to grow closer to one another until they shut down and do what they do best: run.

You too will get over the whole love-triangle-thing when it resolves itself to your satisfaction. Promise. And you’ll cheer when Carly begins to actually stand up for herself and her needs in her life and finally accepts the love she so desperately thinks she doesn’t deserve. The love story between Carly and Mike hit a warm nerve that made my heart happy. There’s so much sweetness, consideration and love running between these two that it’s no surprise when they can no longer run from each other. This is the kind of book you save to re-read on a cold, wet day where you need to be warmed from the inside out.

We all know I love a good smutty novel – and this isn’t it – but it’s a sweet romance that leaves you hugging yourself with a smile on your face. readreadread!

Review: Only For You – Out 12/2/14!


Author:     Beth Kery
Series:      One Night of Passion
Books in Series:

Addicted to You

Bound to You (e-novella)

Exposed to You

Captured by You (e-novella)

Only for You

The tl;dr recommendation: This book simultaneously manages to melt my heart and light my fire. READ NOW.

Longer Review:

I was extremely lucky to obtain an ARC of this book as it isn’t released until tomorrow – 12/2/14!!!!. GO BUY YOUR COPY NOW. I may have squealed and fangirled when it arrived. and I also may be shoving it into [almost] every person’s face who visits my house. If this sounds like I’m rubbing it in a little bit, it’s because I am. luckyluckylucky. at least I realize it, right?!

ok, so – to the book! This is the third installment of the One Night of Passion series & it’s Seth’s turn. Seth Hightower, owner of Hightower Special Effects Studio, meets a very un-hollywood Gia Harris at a Very Hollywood Party. Seth has one rule – no actresses. While Gia technically isn’t a full time actress – yet – she nevertheless omits her thespian ways when she and Seth initially ignite. Her lie of omission allows Seth to give in to his baser instincts and lose his grip on control in exchange for Gia’s soft….well, in exchange for Gia [winks]. AND THEN. LIKE THAT. it’s over.

We pick up with Seth and Gia two years later after Gia is now Hollywood’s new It Girl who has been the witness to a horrific crime. Seth’s special effects skills of disguise are needed and the two who never thought they’d see each other again are thrust together once more. [I really love puns].

Oh GOD. no really, OH GOD. Beth Kery is a masterful writer. Only For You simultaneously manages to melt my heart and light my fire. Seth’s stone ring does things to me – well, technically it does things to Gia – but I now may be googling similar concepts. My husband TOTALLY NEEDS ONE NOW.

Gia and Seth end up back up in Vulture’s Canyon, and fuck, i love that place. Perhaps it’s because I’m a sucker for the mountains or maybe because my inner introvert perks up at the thought of peace, quiet and lack of a real population, but this place sounds like my own personal heaven. And there’s more sex in the mountains. Did you hear me? MORE SEX IN THE MOUNTAINS. It’s fan-fucking-tastic. If you’ve never read Beth’s books, then you’re unaware of her explosive and addicting sex scenes. LET ME EDUCATE YOU:

 “Gia,” he said sharply, piercing her haze of lust. She gasped wildly for air.
“What?” she asked weakly. He was filling her completely, his cock throbbing deep inside her. She was going to burst into flame any second.
“You’re screaming nonstop, baby. Are you okay?”
“I am?” she moaned feverishly. “Oh, God, Seth, help me.”
He cursed and reached beneath her, rubbing her clit firmly. She exploded like a cache of dynamite. The next few moments were a haze of pounding pleasure and pressure and unchecked carnality…

Did that wet your appetite? IT SHOULD HAVE. Seth and Gia’s pre-conceived notions and reality clash with their desires. But will their want of each other overrule logic? Sweet Christ, it better. I really enjoyed this story for both the carnal need Gia and Seth have for each other and also for the sweet longing they have to mold their lives into one that works together.

The story-line is original and gives me just the right amount of hardcore lovemaking mixed with warm sensuous feelings. It’s sort of like when I’ve put the exactly right amount of creamer in my coffee and then take that first sip. ahhhhh, it’s so delicious. I loved watching Seth’s feelings quietly grow and then burst apart at the seams. The journey Seth & Gia share is addicting and emotional without being over-the-top and unrealistic. This book does everything but leave you wanting. Beth grounds us and makes us soar all at the same time – ahhhh, Thank You Beth, may I have another? 😉

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