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25 Days of Book Boyfriends – Day 21: GIDEON CROSS + a Giveaway!


What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to gush a bit over my favorite book boyfriend?! Some have come very close – others have been a mere millimeter away from meeting the Gideon Threshold – but NO ONE has surpassed Gideon Cross as my ultimate book boyfriend. As my best friend says, he is a Perfect Fucking Filet Mignon.

If you’re not familiar [you’ve been living under an erotica rock] Gideon Cross is the main man in the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day. He’s sweet, he’s enigmatic, he’s arrogant, he’s impassive, he’s troubled, he’s loyal, HE IS THE ULTIMATE.

I’ve decided that David Gandy is Gideon Cross. I mean, COME ON. He’s tall, dark, handsome and his impassive face screams sex and power. Thus, Gideon. Why am I obsessed with Gideon? For, at the very least, the following reasons:

1.      His complete and utter reverence for Eva. Gideon worships Eva. Every move he makes, he thinks of her needs first. He would move heaven and earth for her – and while he doesn’t always do it the way it should, his intentions are always to protect and love that woman.

“I think of nothing but you. All day, every day. Everything I do, I do with you in mind.” 


2.       His need to be with Eva. He may run a multi-million dollar corporation, but Eva brings him to his knees.

“I wish I needed you a little less. Just enough to make it bearable.”

PKZ FW 2012 (2)

3.      His dominant ways. Do you need a strong, take charge man? Oh yes, yes you do. and Gideon knows it.

“I’m an animal with you, I want to mark you, I want to possess you so completely there’s no separation between us.” 


4.      His negotiation skills. He argues to get what he wants in the boardroom and the bedroom. And he always gets what he wants.

“It’s time to discuss what it’s going to take to get you beneath me”


5.      His dirty, sexy, filthy mouth. OH good god. Gideon’s mouth alone sparks fantasies, but what comes out of his mouth is even hotter…#swoon.

“When I come, I come for you. Because of you and your mouth, hands, and insatiable little cunt. And it’ll be that way for you in reverse. My tongue, my fingers, my cum inside you. Just you and me, Eva. Intimate and raw.”


are you in yet? You sure as fuck should be. Delicious, sweet, powerful, all consuming, dominant, and heart stopping.
This man is the pinnacle of all book boyfriends.
He’s deserves far more than one day to celebrate, but ahhhh, I’ll take what I can get. Since I can’t have Gideon, let’s do a giveaway, shall we?

WANT TO WIN A $15 AMAZON GIFTCARD?! Of course you do.

All you have to do is COMMENT on this post, FOLLOW me on Twitter (@OWMyshelf) and/or RETWEET my tweet of this post. Each one will gain you an entry (If you already follow me on twitter, and you do one of the other things, you get the follow point too!). ENTRIES CLOSE AT 8PM EST ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2014. I’ll pick a winner then!


  1. I love the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day! Thank you for this amazing chance!
    I follow you on twitter: @Me_chelleLee and retweeted your post! 🙂

  2. So. I love this post. SO SO SO much! David Gandy is who I envision as Gideon too! He is so perfect. I haven’t read CBY yet, but I hope to soon. I need a Gideon/Eva fix! Thanks for participating in the tour Heather!

  3. I’ve never read the Crossfire series but you sure got me interested!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I follow on twitter as @hunting_books and retweeted the post!

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