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Review: One Night: Promised & One Night: Denied

one-night-promised      one night denied

Author:   Jodi Ellen Malpas

One Night: Promised
One Night: Denied
One Night: Unveiled (release date February 10, 2015)

Series:    One Night Trilogy

tl;dr recommendation: This sexy, willing-to-do-anything-for-one-another romance sucked me in completely.

Longer Review:

Did you get some gift cards that are burning a hole in your pocket? GET READY TO USE THEM. This series is hot, delicious, and will give you all the excuse you need to hide away in post-holiday seclusion.

The One Night Trilogy is a series about Olivia (Livy) Taylor and Miller Hart. Livy is a twenty-four year old waitress / Maker of Coffee who has declared herself unavailable since she was 17. She’s escaping some demons and believes her actions will protect her heart and her body. She’s smart, she’s sensible, she’s going through the motions of life fairly unconcerned with romance. Miller Hart likes things how he likes them. Neat. Orderly. Controlled. He needs things to be perfect in order to function and he’s absolutely emotionally unavailable. But when Miller Hart walks through the doors of Livy’s coffee shop and looks into Livy’s sapphire eyes both of their worlds shift. He offers her one night of pleasure in hopes of sating the desire and need that he feels when he looks at her. But is one night ever enough?

You know, I was beginning to think that it was me. The last couple of books I’ve read haven’t grabbed me, shook me to the core and left my mind obsessing. I began to doubt myself. Are those books really good and I’ve just lost the ability to tell? AND THEN I WAS GIFTED ONE NIGHT: PROMISED [thanks Secret Elf!] and oh no, I’ve lost nothing.

My body knows a good book even before my head does. Reading is like a drug to me and I think I get a little bit high when I encounter a good book. [It probably has to do with all the dopamine being released as the words seep in and hit the pleasure enhancers in my brain or some other scientific reason but let’s not ruin this, shall we?]. I began reading Promised and I started to feel a familiar warmth enter my veins and travel through my body. I felt my heart start to beat a little faster at the anxiety inducing scenes. my eyes were darting across each page, my breath was hitching. It happened again. I was hooked.

Miller Hart is fantasy inducing. I was glued to the pages of Promised, sneaking in a chapter at time when I could, devouring Miller and Livy’s love story. I was not at all expecting Miller’s secret at the end of Promised – hindsight’s 20/20 – I suppose I should have called it, but I didn’t. And i LOVED that I didn’t.

Miller is all about savoring with Lily. He wants to worship her, take things slow, and snuggle. OH GOD I swooned every single time he asked her to give him his Thing. When they’re alone, they’re fine. But it’s when they head out into reality that their separate worlds try to keep them apart – whether it be friends, coworkers, or *ahem* business associates. While Promised introduces us to the love of Miller & Livy, Denied explores what happens when that love is challenged.

If I’m being honest, Denied didn’t capture me in the same way that Promised did, but I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because there’s a lot of discord in the book. A lot of back and forth makes me feel uncomfortable – are they together? Why are they doing this? Are they going to make this work? I, like Miller, enjoy control and order. JEM was messing with the perfect love I was becoming very attached to and messing with my emotions. To that end, Livy spends a lot of Denied running. I don’t think I’m giving anything away because JEM is notorious for doing this with her leading ladies [See, This Man Trilogy]. So I wasn’t surprised, but I really wanted Livy to find her balls sass a lot sooner than she did.

I’m sure that JEM has been criticized for Miller’s temper tantrums [I haven’t read any other reviews yet so as to not taint my own] but I won’t be one of them. OF COURSE Miller needs to get his shit together. OF COURSE he has issues he needs to deal with. His temper is just one of those issues. That’s part of the fucking story. He would obviously never do anything to physically hurt Livy, so let’s all calm down now. How could someone ever think that when he’s clearly fascinated by Ms. Livy Taylor?!

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I was captured by Livy & Miller’s story. I loved watching Livy try to pull Miller out of his carefully crafted world at the same time she melds herself into it. This sexy, willing-to-do-anything-for-one-another romance sucked me in completely.If you’re looking for an obsessive, alpha, dominant male who worships his woman – this is a must read.  My eyes bugged out at the end of Denied….there is so much more to be revealed and I’m dying to unearth every single little secret. FEBRUARY 10th – I’M TOTALLY IN.

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  1. I found One Night Trilogy on YouTube Audiobook on Wednesday 4/20/16.
    Listening to One Night Promised Part 01 and reading your review, Miller I find resembles Christian Grey.

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