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Review: Protect Her – 9 by Ivy Sinclair

Author: Ivy Sinclair

Book: Protect Her – part 9

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tl;dr recommendation: my favorite paranormal romance is back! NOW WITH MORE SEX & ROMANCE!

Book Summary:

I made a blind deal because I felt like I had no choice. Everything has changed now, and I need to know what’s going to happen next. The ones who have the answers are the ones I trust the least. I have Paige by my side, but she’s hiding a secret from me too.

The angels brought us somewhere that they swear is safe. They told me we’ll have time to rest and plan, which God knows Paige and I both need. I’m not sure how many more surprises I can take before I explode. I plan to take full advantage of this breather to give Paige the first date that she always wanted. Those small but important things remind me of what it felt like to be human.

So, of course, fate decides to throw me another curveball in the form of someone from my past. And the meantime, we still have a Goddess, a demon official, and half of the archangel council on our asses. There is no such place as a “safe place” for us anymore.

This is starting to become just another day at the office.


I adore this series. Every single installment sucks me back into the world where necromancers are normal, archangels may not always be good, and a goddess is trying to suck the life out of Paige. I don’t usually fall for paranormal romance, but this series just DOES IT for me.

We find out more about why Bruno so badly wants information on Riley’s father & there’s a bit of a confrontation *to put it lightly* that made me squee with excitement. However, no matter how they protect themselves now, the truth remains that unless Riley and Paige find a way to stop Eva from entering Paige’s body and taking her over, that she will be lost to Riley. Forever.

And we can’t have that now that Riley & Paige are finally together the way that I want them. Things are a little different now that Paige has Riley’s mark and I loved her passing thought that she’s going to find a way to mark him [although, girl, I think you already have where it counts]. This installment is so much more romantic than the last (Ivy promised it would be & she definitely delivered) and I could feel their souls connecting through the pages.

Ivy leaves us with a ridiculously crazy cliffhanger, AS PER USUAL, and now I’m left begging for installment 10. I am completely invested in this series. LOVE IT.

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

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  1. Heather- thank you so much for this review!!!! I love how you’ve connected with Riley and Paige and are so invested in them. So much more goodness to come in Part 10. 😉

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