Alien Captive by Lee Savino & Golden Angel releases August 31!



Who knew reading sexy alien abduction stories could get a girl into trouble? Or that an e-reader could also be the gateway to another galaxy? I definitely didn’t… but here I am anyway, mated to the Tsenturion High Commander just like the unwilling human heroines in my favorite sci-fi romances.

The Commander demands obedience. He intends to claim me, train me, and turn me into his perfect little pleasure trophy. He doesn’t believe in love. I don’t believe in giving in without a fight. There’s no amount of discipline or ecstasy that could break me to his will… I hope.

Alien Captive is a hot alien abduction romance, starring one feisty human and the Tsenturion Warrior strong enough to potentially master her.

Disclaimer: the authors are not responsible for any actual alien abductions that may result should you purchase this book.


“I am your Master.”

Dammit, that shouldn’t be so hot, but the muscles of my pussy flutter again.

“Gavrill,” I reply firmly. “High Commander of the Tsenturion fleet. But not my master. I don’t have a master.” No matter what he, Frllil, or my training has told me.

He frowns, which is intimidating as heck, especially when I’m flat on my back in what I can only assume is his bed, but after a moment his expression clears. To my annoyance, he actually looks kind of smug.

“Ah, yes, your courtship rituals,” he says seriously. “I will earn my place as your master by dominating and pleasuring you until your resistance is broken and you submit to me fully.”

I blink, nonplussed. “Excuse me? What courtship rituals are you talking about exactly? That is definitely not my how-to advice on dating.”

The little smile that plays on his lips is both hot and frustrating, like he thinks I’m lying to him or something.

“The Jabol provided me with manuals on your planet’s courtship rituals, they are copies from something they called your ‘reader.’” Turning his head, he nods at table next to his bed. I try to wriggle away from him to get some space and look to see where he’s looking at the same time.

But as soon as the small pile of books on the little table beside his bed catches my eye, I freeze in horror.

Oh fuck a duck.

They went through my freaking e-reader and gave those books to this massively large, already dominant, far too eager alien?! I recognize those names. Lee Savino. Golden Angel. Tracy St. John. Renee Rose. Aubrey Cara. Sara Fields.

Oh this is bad. This is so, so bad.

“Those are not manuals,” I say, now scooting away from him in earnest. Unfortunately, the bed is big and he’s on the edge closest to me, so all I end up doing is scooting into the middle of the bed which prompts him to follow, his eyes gleaming with interest. Crap! This is a serious Catch-22… I can either resist him, in which case he’ll think I’m following the stupid “courting rituals” of my dirty romances, or I can stop resisting him… in which case I’ll get fucked sooner rather than later.

About The Authors

In addition to being an author, Lee Savino is a mom and a chocoholic. She’s written a bunch of books, all smexy romance. Smexy = smart + sexy.

Angel is a self-described bibliophile with a “kinky” bent who is happily married, old enough to know better but still too young to care, and a big fan of happily-ever-afters, strong heroes and heroines, and sizzling chemistry.

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