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Review: Thoughtless Trilogy

Thoughtless  Effortless  Reckless

Author:   S.C. Stephens

Thoughtful – release date February 24, 2015


Series: Thoughtless

tl;dr recommendation: An incredibly emotional ride that I didn’t want to end. WORTH EVERY SECOND.

Longer Review:

I think of this series as a Smut Classic. I’d like to say it’s akin to The Great Gatsby in the romance/erotica genre.There are shirts. There are mugs. There are keychains. I mean, people rave about Kellan Kyle with about the same zealousness as they do Christian Grey (yet another Smut Classic). Needless to say, I felt that my erotica education was missing a vital piece without having read this series. Truth be told, I hadn’t read it because i really hate love triangles. It’s a personal problem, I’m aware. But I had to get over it to read this series. SO, with the encouragement of some fellow bloggers (THANKS, LADIES) I dove in and read them in a weekend. So exhausting. SO WORTH IT.

Thoughtless begins with Kiera Allen and her boyfriend Denny (an Aussie!) who are moving from Ohio to Seattle, Washington for Denny’s job. Kiera is in the middle of college and transfers so that she can be with him. Denny had spent some time in Seattle as an exchange student back in the day and had lived with Kellan Kyle’s family, so it was only natural for Denny to call up Kellan and ask if he knew of any places where he and Kiera could stay. CRAZY ENOUGH, Kellan had an open room at his house. Thus, Kiera and Denny move in with Kellan.

Kellan is a rockstar. I mean, not yet, but basically he is. His band, the D-Bags, play at Pete’s on the regular and they’re as up-and-coming as you can possibly be for a local rock band. Kellan’s a local celebrity…he has fuck me eyes and the fuck me voice to go with it. Saying he’s a player is the Understatement Of The Year. Due to the fact that they live together & because they tend to like each other, Kellan and Kiera become friends. She’s incredibly attracted to him, but she really loves Denny, so she’s not really thinking about Kellan inthatway. UNTIL Denny goes to Tuscon for his job for months. And then…AND THEN….Shit hits the motherfucking fan. NO SPOILERS: The remainder of the series follows Kiera and Kellan’s relationship struggles – can they really begin again when their relationship began as a betrayal?

Full Disclosure: I hate Kiera more than any fictional character I have ever read. I actually wondered while reading this series whether I could kill a fictional character even if the author doesn’t. I was THISCLOSE to testing the theory. Kiera is obnoxious, annoying, insecure, and petulant. She’s worse than Ana from FSOG and I swear to Christ, that’s saying something. I wanted to shake her to death for 85% of this series. Which probably would have made her cry, since EVERYTHING MADE HER CRY. Everything also made her blush, but that’s for another day.

I’m pretty sure S.C. Stephens recognizes that Kiera is obnoxious….mostly because in book 2 Kiera actually admits that she is annoying. I felt so validated that I fist pumped by myself in the living room. However, SHE STILL HASN’T LEARNED HER LESSON. I mean, how many times do you have to learn that keeping something secret/hidden will only blow up in your face when the truth is revealed? PULL OFF THE BAND-AID KIERA.

AND YET I still love this series. Why? Because it’s really really good. It’s fantastically written. S.C. Stephens is a brilliant writer. Really. And Kellan will ALWAYS GET FIVE STARS FROM ME. Yes, this series is painful. and yes, I felt tortured through a good portion of it. I felt so bad for Denny. I then felt even worse for Denny when I was pulling for Kellan and I then had to wonder WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THAT MAKE ME? i prayed that Denny fucked someone else in Tuscon. But no. No. That would be too easy. But then, this series sneaks in to your core, nestles around and stays with you.  As I kept reading I fell in love with each character one by one. I, like Kiera & Kellan, didn’t mean for it to happen….but it did. God, I had a book hangover for days after finishing.

If Denny was an asshole – like even one iota of an asshole – this would have been an easier read. But he’s not & it will kill you. Just be ready for it. Of course, Kellan is also the sweetest, most thoughtful, adorable, hot rocker EVER. His little love notes in Effortless made me squeal. He just FUCKING LOVES Kiera and it’s unbelievably endearing. There’s a scene in a bathroom at a party in Effortless that is super hot…..and so so good. But Reckless is what completely made me a believer. Especially because somehow in the last 15% of the book Kiera miraculously found some confidence, maturity and a set of balls, it gave me everything I wanted and more. As long as I only read the last 100 pages or so I’ll always like her 😉 The award show?! I DIED. I FUCKING DIED.

The series is lengthy, but it needs to be. It needs all of those parts – I needed to physically shake during the creation of the music video in Reckless (not kidding. I was shaking. I was so fucking pissed), I needed all of the scenes that made me hate Kiera with such a fervency, and I needed the strong & steadfast love of Kellan (& well, also Denny) for this series to work for me.

The Thoughtless series is an experience. You have to commit – you have to stick with it – you will eventually fall in love just like I did……because sometimes the best things come from the most uncomfortable places. You’ve got this. THIS SERIES IS WORTH IT. I can’t wait for Thoughtful to be released!!!

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