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Review: The Training by Tara Sue Me

Author: Tara Sue Me

Book: The Training (The Submissive #3)

Other books in series:

The Submissive (The Submissive #1)
The Dominant (The Submissive #2)
The Chalet (The Submissive #3.5 – novella)
The Enticement (The Submissive #4)
Seduced by Fire (The Submissive #5)
The Collar (The Submissive #6)
The Exhibitionist (The Submissive #7 -coming on November 3, 2015)
The Master (The Submissive #8 – coming on February 2, 2016)

tl;dr recommendation: Sensual, romantic and just a bit kinky, you’ll quickly submit to all the feels in this book.

Book Summary:

It started with a hidden desire.

Millionaire CEO Nathaniel West has always played by his own strict set of rules, ones he expects everyone to follow—especially the women he’s dominated in his bedroom. But his newest lover is breaking down all his boundaries and rewriting his rule book.

Abby King never imagined that she would capture the heart of Nathaniel West, one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors—and its most desirable dominant. What began as a weekend arrangement of pleasure has become a passionate romance with a man who knows every inch of her body and her soul – yet remains an enigmatic lover. Though he is tender and caring, his painful past remains a wall between them.

Abby knows the only way to truly earn his trust is to submit to him fully and let go of all of her lingering inhibitions. Because to lead Nathaniel on a path to greater intimacy, she must first let him deeper into her world than anyone has ever gone before…

Longer Review:

The third in the series, The Training turns up the dial on Abby and Nathaniel’s sexy as hell lifestyle. Sensual, romantic and just a bit kinky, you’ll quickly submit to all the feels in this book.

The Training lets us into Abby and Nathaniel’s lives now that their a couple. How do they navigate these new and unchartered waters? Is Abby supposed to be a submissive all the time? So far, this is absolutely my favorite of the series. I think I loved it most because it’s completely realistic.

The Training is about two normal people coming together and finding a way to combine their worlds, their love and their lives. This combination is exactly like any other couple, just with a little kink on the side. There is this undercurrent that flows through this book of utter devotion and complete reverence for each other that had me grasping my kindle a little extra hard so I wouldn’t drop it when I swooned.

You never have to worry about either of them cheating (thank fuck) and this book doesn’t have some ridiculous event that will make you hate one or both of them. Some might say that nothing happens, but to me – I think everything happens. You don’t need one party to completely fuck up and have to beg for forgiveness (although that’s completely an enticing idea here) in order to have a phenomenal book. Tara’s exceptional writing kept me glued to the pages, breathless to discover what boundaries are going to be pushed next.

Nathaniel’s lifestyle friends are introduced and Abby takes a more assertive role in her submission (not a typo!). They push further and harder in this book than ever before and I was panting a bit after some of those sessions. I could seriously read about this two all day, every day. I’m gushing now and idgaf. This series is fucking amazing. Their love is stronger than any rope that Nathaniel can find and the sex is off the charts – regardless of whether it’s in or out of the playroom. There is definitely a happy ending in this one that I think was initially meant to be the finale of the series, but it’s really only just the beginning…


[Thank you Tara for sending me a copy of this book! I LOVED IT!]


  1. I love the start of this series but only made it half way through The Training and now the series has spiraled out of control to so many books and I don’t feel like I can catch back up lol

    • Not too many! You can do it. The Chalet is after this one and is a novella…and then The Enticement. After that, it’s books with other characters in it. You’ve got this!! Lol

  2. OK well that’s good to know at least. I’ve tried picking up The Training again but haven’t. I’ll have to try harder next time!

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