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You are cordially invited to the wedding of the season…

Having found each other and their happily-ever-after, Jessica, Justin, and Chris are preparing to make their commitment as official as a threesome can. In the presence of their supportive family and friends, they plan to exchange their vows and celebrate the love and uniqueness of their relationship.

But what awaits them on their special day is no fairy tale. Not everyone in their lives has accepted their uncommon bond. And one of the guests isn’t attending the wedding… he’s trying to stop it.

Venus Wedding is a follow-up to the Venus Rising Quartet and the Stronghold Series. While it may be read as a standalone, it will be more enjoyable for those who have completed the Venus Rising Quartet. Like the Venus Rising books, this is a high-heat MFM romantic adventure. Proceed with caution (or excitement)!


The expression of confusion and lust on Jessica’s face was both amusing and arousing. Chris liked to throw her off balance sometimes. And he definitely liked her breasts… and dirty talking to her… and the way she tilted her head forward so she could lick the tip of his dick as it slid up toward her mouth.

He pinched her nipples, tugging on them and using them to press her breasts more firmly against his cock as he rocked his hips back and forth. The silky feel of her warm skin against his shaft and the pretty picture she made as her lips parted for the head of his cock, pink tongue flicking out to greet his cock.

It felt good to just let go of the events of the day and focus on his girl.

“Here.” Justin appeared at his side, strawberry flavored lube in hand, and he tipped the bottle over, dripping the cool lube across Chris’ cock. It trickled down either side of his shaft. He shivered for a second, but the warmth of Jessica’s skin and the way the lube allowed him to slide his cock more easily between her breasts, increasing his pleasure.

“What do you think?” Chris asked him, giving Jessica’s nipples another little pinch. “Should we make next weekend super special for our girl? Maybe not let her come until the wedding night?”

“Hey!” Jessica protested and Justin chuckled as he slid two fingers into her mouth, effectively gagging her. She did her best though, making an unhappy noise around his fingers and scowling up at both of them. Chris twisted her nipples, rocking his hips again, and making her squeak at the sharp pinch.

“That could be fun… what do you think sweetheart? Should we make this week extra special for you?”

Her hazel eyes widened in horror, because she knew if that’s what they decided to do, they’d spend the week sexually tormenting her. Truthfully, while it could be fun, the thought didn’t appeal to Chris. He wanted her relaxed and excited, not frustrated and on edge, going into their wedding weekend. Secure in the knowledge that he and Justin were on the same page, he didn’t mind teasing her a bit.

“We’re just trying to give you want you want, beautiful,” he said, sliding his hands down around her breasts and pressing the sides of the soft mounds together. His cock slipped back and forth in the sexy channel they made for him. “Justin and I can make do this week with just these pretty breasts… or your sweet mouth…”

“Or her hot little ass,” Justin said, grinning wickedly, thrusting his fingers back and forth in her mouth for her to suck on. His other hand was idly stroking his cock. “We can leave your pussy completely alone all week, if that’s what you really want.”

When he pulled his fingers from her lips so that Jessica could finally answer, she’d lost a lot of her sass.

“Pleaaaaaaaaase don’t do that,” she begged prettily. “I didn’t mean it! I was just teasing you! I definitely want to have sex and orgasms this week! They’ll all be super, super special!” The sincerely earnest way she promised them the specialness of any encounters made both men laugh and she scowled again in realization. “You’re teasing me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, gorgeous, we’re teasing you,” Chris said, grinning down at her, still fucking her breasts. It felt so damn good. “But we’ll probably also make you work for your orgasms.”

“Damn right,” said Justin, crawling onto the bed and laying down in the middle, still lazily stroking his cock. “So come over here and start working. Chris will fuck your ass since he’s already lubed up.”

Anticipation swept through Chris, hardening his cock even more. Justin was more of the ass man, so when they fucked her at the same time, Justin usually took her ass… which meant it was almost a special treat for him. Granted, he could have her ass any time he wanted, all he had to do was say so, but there was something hot about Justin ceding that territory to him.

With one last slide of his cock up the valley of her breasts, Chris rose off of her, taking his own turn to stroke his cock. “Yes, go climb on Justin, sweetheart, I want to watch.”

About Angel

Angel is a self-described bibliophile with a “kinky” bent who loves to write stories for the characters in her head. If she didn’t get them out, she’s pretty sure she’d go just a little crazy.

She is happily married, old enough to know better but still too young to care, and a big fan of happily-ever-afters, strong heroes and heroines, and sizzling chemistry.

She believes the world is a better place when there’s a little magic in it.

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