Author: Julie Shelton

Book: Passion’s Dream (The Doms of Passion Lake #1)

tl;dr recommendation: hot as hell and insanely sexy! 4 stars!

Book Summary:

When Clay “Raven” Nighthorse is offered a job as bodyguard to a woman being stalked by her vengeful ex, he’s ready to turn it down. Until he discovers that she is the woman he met on a beach three years ago. The woman with whom he felt an instant connection. The woman who has been haunting his dreams ever since.

Leah Stanhope has never forgotten the day she found her husband in bed with another woman. Nor has she forgotten the kindness and compassion of the complete stranger who’d simply held her in his arms and let her cry herself out on a public beach. She despairs of ever seeing him again until fate brings them together in a conflagration of desire and smoking hot passion. Can Clay convince Leah to risk her heart? And when her stalker finds her, will Clay be able to stop him in time?

Longer Review:

I love a good stalker story. Does that make me sound like a lunatic? Meh. Don’t care. The suspense angle never fails to keep me right at the edge of my seat, flipping the pages to find out what happens. Passion’s Dream adds in a bit of Dom/sub flair and instalove so strong it could throw the earth out of rotation: all the makings of a sexy as hell, fun and easy story!

Did I mention that Clay is a Navy SEAL? Yup. If you weren’t in before, now you have no excuse.

Clay is hot. Really hot. His dominant nature is intense and commanding, but he knows that he can’t come on too strong to Leah for fear of losing the one woman he has ever felt such a deep connection with. He and Leah met three years ago on a beach, shared a serious moment, and then never saw each other again. However, they certainly haven’t forgotten about each other. When Clay is asked to become her bodyguard to protect her from her stalker-ex, he doesn’t care what strings are attached.

Leah drove me crazy. Like, I was willing to give her up to the stalker for a few chapters, but thankfully her insanity was fairly short-lived. She’s an instasub, which sort of bugged me, but I got over it. I wished that she would have accepted her feelings towards Clay a lot sooner than she did, but of course, it allowed for a lot of angsty scenes and for sexual tension to build.

Oh, and build it did. Clay doesn’t mince words and I would love to be on the receiving end of those dirty whispers. Passion’s Dream is hot as hell and insanely sexy. If you like your men dominant and cut, Clay does not disappoint. Overall, this is a passionate read with suspenseful drama and plenty of sex. 4 stars!

[I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review]