Author: Willa Thorne

Book: End Game (The Manhattan Tales #3)

Other books in series:

His Pawn (The Manhattan Tales #1)
Queen In Play (The Manhattan Tales #2)

tl;dr recommendation: A sexy as hell but somewhat jumpy conclusion to this searing trilogy. 3.5 stars!

Book Summary:

The games are over, but their story is not…

End Game is the third and concluding story surrounding Mason and Jillian.

Longer Review:

A sexy as hell but somewhat jumpy conclusion to this searing trilogy. Mason’s killed his father to protect Jillian – well, he didn’t kill him, but he set the stage for the accidental death that took his father’s life. Ian has turned out to be quite the jack of all trades and somehow we now trust him.

However, just because Mason’s father has been eliminated, that doesn’t mean that the threat is gone. His father had enemies of his own and debts that need to be repaid. The danger once again rears its ugly head and Mason ONCE AGAIN keeps secrets from Jill. Mason, Mason, Mason. When will you learn?!

I’m scrubbing my face a bit because I love love love Willa and I wanted to love this conclusion more, but the flow just wasn’t there for me. The sex most certainly was and for that I was screaming in pleasure. [Thank you, SIR]. The plot also ratcheted up the danger scale and I was super enthralled in the twists that kept coming; yet the writing felt choppy at times and rushed at others. I really loved the story, but the way it came together didn’t feel organic.

This series is otherwise incredibly enjoyable, sensual, romantic and full of alpha male: all characteristics of a book that cause me to cream on sight. I definitely look forward to more to come from Willa! 3.5 stars.

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]