Author: Renee Ericson

Book: More Than Kisses <— RIGHT NOW IT’S FREE!

Other book in series:

More Than Water – my review is here

tl;dr recommendation: Quirky, funny and oh so hot! 5 stars!

Book Summary:

A night with five of their closest friends was all that Evelyn and Foster had planned for when they decided to take part in a holiday progressive dinner party. However, when an unexpected guest makes an appearance and throws Evelyn off her game, it’s up to Foster to bring her back to her senses. His plan involves a little more than kisses.

A More Than Water short story complete with sexy times and a hair fetish, told from the dual POV of Evelyn and Foster.

Longer Review:

I’ve had a love affair with Foster and EJ ever since I read More Than Water. They are a breath of fresh air and some of my favorite characters to read. Quirky, funny and oh so hot, More Than Kisses is a short novella that lets us back into their world as they attend a progressive dinner with their friends.

EJ gets a little distracted when she walks in on something that she can’t unsee. It’s like strolling through tumblr and finding a gifset that makes you wish that you could bleach your eyes. As the reel keeps playing in her head, she begins to make Foster’s night difficult, so Foster decides that he needs to re-direct her focus. Oh hell yes.

This book is a quick hit at humor, heat and nerdom. I love it!  #talknerdytome. FOREVER.