Authors: Ozlo & Priya Grey

Book: The Voice Between My Legs – Part 1

tl;dr recommendation: This is one dripping, delicious and salacious story of sexual awakening! 4 stars!

Book Summary:

A BDSM Sexual Awakening

I’ve done things you might not agree with. You may not like me because of it. But if you lived through what I experienced, maybe you’d see things differently. I wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way of my new life…then I met him.

Cooper West is attractive, wealthy, and CEO of one of hottest companies in New York City. He can have any girl he wants… he chose me. I have to tell him about the things I’ve done…but how?

What would happen if you let the man of your dreams read your diary? Would he still want to be with you? I’m about to find out.

*This hot and steamy romance contains elements of BDSM. It is intended for adult audiences 18+ only.

Longer Review:

This is one dripping, delicious and salacious story of sexual awakening! I was SO SAD for Lacey when I found out that her orgasm had basically gone into hibernation. *shudders* Let’s have a moment of silence.

ok. phew.

As Lacey searches for anything to give her a rush to her clit, she finds that she enjoys things that she never contemplated. I loved watching her self discovery. I also cheered for her when she stood up for herself. She’s a new woman and gives zero fucks how many zeros line your bank statements – she just cares how you treat people. Well done, girl.

Her relationship with Cooper grows quickly (ok, so the whole story was a bit fast…but it’s a novella, so, there’s that) and it’s practically over before it began….or is it? Lacey is determined not to let any chances in life pass her by and she grabs hold of every opportunity with such a love of life that I wanted her to get everything she deserved.

I wasn’t totally in love with the writing style in the beginning – it’s very ‘dear diary’ish (as advertised) and that doesn’t totally do it for me, but when the book switches over into a more traditional writing style, things got a lot better. I’m also not sold on the title of the series since it sort of makes it sound like we’re going to be reading about her vagina’s thoughts – but we don’t. It’s not the Vagina Monologues Redux, so if that was worrying you, worry no longer. The content is good and fun and full of sex clubs and self discovery, and it was super easy to focus on that instead. AND YOU SHOULD!

On the whole, this novella made me smile and want for book 2 – Cooper is aloof but charming, with something more just below the surface. Now that each of them are peeling back their layers I can only hope that book two gives us the ending they deserve!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]