Author: Ravenna Russo

Book: His For Tonight – Part 2

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tl;dr recommendation: Sweet and sensual mixes with red hot sex: Nipple clamping, butt plugging, tie me up, sizzling hot sex. LOVE.

Book Summary:

* This novella is Book 2 of a 4-part serial, so watch out for cliffhangers–and one demanding, dirty-talking bad boy with a sexy accent who will melt your panties! *

Three days, three nights. Hot sex. No strings attached…maybe.

How did a sensible, serious Iowa college girl like me end up in a situation like this? I can explain.

I know it seems crazy. I never expected to find myself the paid escort of a superstar athlete with a sexy accent and wickedly talented hands. But all of a sudden, I’ve been swept into a world of bright lights, limousines and paparazzi.

We’re just supposed to be having a weekend fling. But it’s starting to feel like something more…something real. I’ve never responded to any guy the way I have to him. Everything is on the line now.

My heart most of all.

Please note: His for Tonight Book 2 is a New Adult romance novella of 20,000 words (about 75 pages). Contains graphic sex and language. Cliffhanger alert! This is Book 2 of a 4-part serial. Subscribe to Ravenna’s new-release newsletter to get an email as soon as Book 3 is published!

Longer Review:

Why do I love these billionaire novellas so much?! I just do. It’s like why I love dogs more than cats, and bananas more than oranges. I just fucking do. This is even better because it’s like a sports romance mixed with a billionaire playboy.

This series needs more play. Why? Because Italian billionaire soccer player Luciano dominates good girl Elise while she rips away his walls and reveals his vulnerabilities. It’s so tropey and so well done and I couldn’t be happier with where this is going.

Sweet and sensual mixes with red hot sex: Nipple clamping, butt plugging, tie me up, sizzling hot sex. LOVE.

Luciano has convinced Elise to come to New York for three days…three days where he pampers her, dominates her, and begins to fall for her. Elise knows that this “relationship” has an expiration date, yet she can’t stop herself from feeling more. Between the paparazzi vultures and the impending doom that awaits them when they part, His For Tonight 2 riles you up only to leave you needing more.

More, please!

[I recieved an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]