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LiteralPleasure | The Anal Plug Blindfold Club Edition


What am I pairing?

Doc Johnson’s Platinum Premium Silicone “The Touch” Vibrating Plug
Nikki Sloane’s THREE HARD LESSONS (Blindfold Club #2)
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Why Am I pairing it?

I could just state the obvious and say that I’m pairing it because the characters in THREE HARD LESSONS use a pink plug. Even though the one in the book doesn’t vibrate, it’s still a pretty fucking close match. But despite that apparent reason, that’s not entirely why.

I’m really pairing it because Nikki Sloane celebrates schmay-nal (as Dominic so adorably calls it) in a real and fantastic way. Her main character, Payton, has zero shame with loving the hell of out anal sex/play, which was so refreshing to read. In the scene, Dom is knocking on the backdoor for the first time and it was insanely sexy & seriously inspiring to see Payton take charge and guide him down the very lubed up path [more on lube later ;)].

Additionally, whenever you’re talking about the ass, it always seems to be sort of taboo. I’m not really sure why that’s the case – that’s a conversation for another day – but it is. Nikki’s books are similarly sort of taboo. They deal with situations that may make you uncomfortable to read at first, but afterwards you walk away surprisingly flushed, turned on and satisfied. For you anal virgins out there, I’m pretty confident you’ll have the same reaction to this plug.

THREE HARD LESSONS is a sex positive, erotic, shamelessly filthy book that will have you reading one-handed. Of course, if you throw Doc Johnson’s vibrating anal plug into the mix you can get back the use of both hands or use a free hand for….other things. Genius. It’s a Perfect Pairing. Now let’s review this fantastic plug!

Platinum Premium Silicone “The Touch” Vibrating Plug
made by: Doc Johnson
Retail: $65.99




I was one of those people who laughed at stories of travelers whose vibrating sex toys make an appearance and cause a scene at security. I thought, ‘Really?! Did you really need that toy so badly that you had to bring it on vacation with you?’

Now I know: if they were bringing this vibrating plug with them, then yes, they so so so did. Just label me a Sex Toy Traveler, because ohmygod this butt plug is coming with me everywhere. If it was socially acceptable to walk around the grocery store with this plug vibrating in my ass, I would.

Let’s talk specifics: This plug is about 4 inches in girth (at the widest part) and 4 inches in length. It feels squishy and it’s pretty bendable, as silicone does. I adore that stuff.

                 plugmeasured1        plugmeasured2

There’s the plug itself (pictured above), and then there’s a little bullet vibrator that you place inside the circle opening in the plug that has a cord attached to it (pictured below). So, I suppose technically this toy can be both a bullet and a vibrating plug, or just a plug if you use it without the bullet (but why the fuck would you?!). The cord attached to the bullet inserts into a cylindrical battery case – sort of like plugging in headphones. This is where you’re getting the power to your plug.


Now that we have the specifications out of the way, let’s discuss what you really want to know.

Due to its size and the fact that it’s made out of silicone, I could barely feel that it was there. Of course, I should note that I have anal sex on the regular [Sorry. That loud screeching sound you just heard was my husband yelling that his definition of regular is not my definition of regular. But let’s not get too anal *smirk* about the details, okay?], so my ability to feel the plug may be very different from yours. However, it was super comfortable. I was well aware that there was something up my ass, but it felt fine. In fact, it felt pretty damn good.

When comparing it to jelly-like plugs or metal/glass plugs, I liked this one a lot because it molds really nicely in your body. I used a silicone based lube with it [thanks DocJohnson!] and had zero issues sliding it home. This plug isn’t massive, so don’t be afraid. It’s actually pretty perfect for someone just starting to explore their backdoor but I think it’s also great for someone a little more advanced looking for a little extra kick to anal play. Of course, if you’re looking for a fist to shove up there, this isn’t your toy. Sorry. Perhaps you could try this monstrosity. That I will never review. Ever. Nope. Hard pass.

Side Note: I’m on a mission to get lube in anal scenes in books because, holy shit, NECESSARY. I’ve knocked off star points when rating a book for lack of lube (you know who you are. xo) that’s how serious I am about this topic. Why? Because anal virgins who get turned on in a scene from a book may work up the courage to ask their partners to explore…and if it’s done without lube – because they don’t know any better & that’s what was in the book – I can gauran-fucking-tee you that person isn’t doing it again. And that makes me sad. Let’s not make me sad. Let’s add lube to anal scenes.

You’ll be happy to know that lube was used generously with this toy and everyone walked away happy. Hooray! More smiles, more orgasms, MORE LUBE!

Once we turned on the vibrations my world became just a little more perfect. I don’t know if I ever want to have sex without it again. Am I for real? Definitely REAL. There are 10 vibration settings and they’re all a little different. You have the full on single constant pulse, and then a lot of other options. I didn’t even know there were that many different possible vibrating options but I was incredibly willing to try them out. There was a lot of ‘ooohing’ and ‘ahhhing’ and ‘ohmygodstoprightthereing’ as my husband rolled through the vibration levels.

If you’re looking for an orgasm helper, I have found your newest friend. There’s something about the vibrations and plug combo that took me from zero to ‘OH’ in less than half my usual lap time. It was awesome. You need this toy.

I was a little concerned that the cord was going to get in the way during sex while I still had the plug in, but I was informed that it wasn’t an issue. Even doggy-style, the plug/cord combo didn’t nick, scratch, or otherwise distract my husband from his mission. He has his own favorite vibration setting, so now really I think the only problem moving forward is who wins as to what setting the plug lands on. Sigh. I think somehow I’ll manage.

Overall, this plug had me buzzing. [I had to. It was there. You should be surprised I waited this long]. It gets both 5 stars and frequent use. LOVED IT!

[I received this complimentary sex toy from Doc Johnson in exchange for an honest review]

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