Today is really my husband’s birthday, and he loves blow jobs. This is shocking I’m sure, being as how he’s a man.

I actually think I lost two followers on twitter after announcing my intention to blog about cocks and sucking them. but WHATEVER. I love a good blow job scene. I mean, come on – PUN INTENDED. I love these books for the stories, and yes, I also love these books for the sex. SorryNotSorry.

And honestly, I think sometimes the most powerful position that a woman can be in is on her knees. I mean, she is the one in total control at that point.

Anyway, enough waxing poetic. I figured, what better way to honor my lovely husband who bears with me while I read and blog (and then read some more) than to list some of my very favorite blowjob scenes & give a little teaser for each. Yes? YES.

1. Gideon & Eva; Captivated by You by Sylvia Day
     My Review/Reaction found here

Eva swallowed me.

“Fuck,” I hissed, my fingers digging into the armrests as her fingers dug into my hips.

The rush of wet heat over the sensitive crown of my cock was shockingly intense. Hard suction tightened around me and a satin-soft tongue massaged the perfect spot. Through the pounding of my heart, I heard the team questioning whether my webcam and headset were working properly…

Straightening my spine, I slid forward and activated my feeds. “Excuse the delay,” I said briskly as Eva took more of me. “Now that you’ve had the change to review the deck, let’s discuss the steps you’ll be taking to implement the recommended adjustments.” 

Eva hummed her approval and the vibration reverberated through me. I was hard enough to drive nails and her slender fingers were teasing me, stroking with just enough pressure to make me want more.

2. Alec & Anna; The Masseuse by Sierra Kincade
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“So hard,” I murmured, running my fingertips down his length. “I want to taste it. I’ve fantasized about you like this.” 

I liked him from stem to tip, one long pull with the back of my tongue.

He stared down at me, lust in his eyes, and I knew I had him. 

I wrapped my fingers around the base of his shaft, giving him a hard squeeze before massaging his balls in my other hand. There wasn’t enough time to make this last like I wanted, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t give him every ounce of pleasure I could. 

With the tip of my tongue, I swirled around the head, tasting the slippery, musky liquid. The response it evoked was instantaneous. My eyes drifted closed. My stomach tightened. The plane hit a bump, and for a split second it felt as if we were cresting the top of a roller coaster. His breath caught, and I pulled him into my mouth, nestled the smooth head of his penis over the back of my tongue, and sucked.

“Jesus fuck,” he muttered.

3. Colton & Rylee; Driven by K. Bromberg
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I look up at him as I sink to my knees and very slowly undo the last three buttons of his jeans. 

He stares at me beneath eyelids heavy with desire, his lips parted, and need palpable. I lower his jeans and boxer briefs, his iron length springing free. I run my fingers down the dark smattering of hair and grip the base of his shaft. I lean forward and Colton sucks in an audible breath as I circle my tongue lightly around the bell-shaped tip and then flutter it slowly down to the root and back up. My hand moves slowly up and down the veined length while my other hand comes up to cup his balls beneath, gently grazing them with my fingernails.

I look up at Colton and I’m swallowed up by the look in his eyes as he watches me. His jaw flexes in expectancy as my fingers tease him, and when I take him very slowly into my mouth, he winces in pleasure before throwing his head back and hissing “Fuccckk, Ryleeee!”

I tease him gently at first, only taking the tip of him into the warmth of my mouth, rubbing my tongue with pressure on the sensitive underside just beneath the rim of his crest. I twist my hand around his shaft, stimulating him with friction and wet heat.

When I’ve tormented him enough and can feel the tension in his thighs from anticipation, I sheath my teeth with my lips and take him all the way in until I can feel him hit the back of my throat. The guttural groan that comes from Colton’s lips fills the room as the musky taste of his arousal and evidence of his desire for me churns an exquisite ache that invades the depths of my very core. 

Are we all worked up now? I would think so. Now I suppose I should go put these skills I’ve learned to use…hmmm…..