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Review: Protect Her – Part 11 by Ivy Sinclair


Author: Ivy Sinclair

Book: Protect Her: 11

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If you want to just go balls out – purchase the box set of 1-3 here & the box set of 4-6 here.

tl;dr recommendation: romantic and sweet, while still remaining true to its out of this world plot. Ivy delivers the ending we want with the twists and turns we’ve coming to expect. 4.5 stars

Book Summary:

The final thrilling chapter of the Protect Her serial…

My name is Paige Matthews, and I am supposed to be dead. Riley thinks I’m dead, and that was the reason that he turned dark. Now I have to find him before it’s too late to ever bring him back. When he does, I’m not sure if he’ll be able to live with what he’s done. But I won’t give up on him. Not without one hell of a fight.

My only allies are Viho and Klein, and they don’t trust me. Not with Benjamin’s invisible leash around my neck. Demons. Archangels. It doesn’t matter. I won’t let anyone stand in my way to bring Riley back to the light, even if it means I end up dead in the process.

One way or another, this is the end.

This urban fantasy paranormal adventure unfolds over multiple volumes of approximately 25,000 words each. Due to strong language, this story might not be suitable for younger readers.

The complete Protect Her serial, Parts 1 through 11, are available now.

Longer Review:

I know what you’re going to say. There are 11 parts to this serial: that’s madness. OKAY maybe. yes. it’s slight madness. But it’s really really good paranormal angels & demons madness. And you can buy big chunks of it in box sets! and the story is now officially finished!! SO GO ON ALREADY.

The story is really well written and is the fix to your PNR craving. Book Eleven (i know, we already discussed this, get over it) finally provides us with the answers I’ve been desperately needing. It’s romantic and sweet, while still remaining true to its out of this world plot. Ivy delivers the ending we want with the twists and turns we’ve coming to expect.

At this point in the story Riley is missing – he just watched Eva die and he’s convinced that his attempts to reclaim Paige from Eva’s grasp before her death were unsuccessful. Of course, Paige is alive – this is an HEA people – and Paige is determined to track him down. She has to let him know she’s alive and she needs to bring him back from the dark side before it’s too late.

This paranormal world is so easily believable that you’ll start looking for demons outside of your house and you’ll be ready for angels to descend at a moments notice. Suspense and romance carry this intriguing and page turning serial to its conclusion. I’m a little sad it’s over, but I’m so happy to have been part of this journey. 4.5 stars

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

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  1. Thank you so much for the review and being part of Riley and Paige’s journey, Heather!

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