Author: Tess Diamond

Book: Dangerous Games (O’Connor & Kincaid #1)

Other books in series:

Game of Lies (O’Connor & Kincaid #2)
End Game (O’Connor & Kincaid #3)

tl;dr recommendation: a fantastic short read for the mystery lover. 4 stars!

Book Summary:

A thirteen year-old girl has been taken – and Special Agent Maggie Kincaid is the only one who can get her back.

When a Senator’s daughter goes missing, every minute counts. The FBI’s best hostage negotiator, Agent Kincaid, knows what it’s like to be a terrified victim. Kidnapped as a child, those memories haunt her every day – and give her an insight into the evil mind behind this deadly crime.

But the Senator’s family has other plans, and have brought in ex-forces security expert Jake O’Connor to oversee negotiations. He’s got secrets of his own, and doesn’t play by the same rule book. With time running out, Maggie and O’Connor will have to overcome their differences to keep this case from ending in tragedy.

Longer Review:

This book is full of smart suspense that had me captivated. Maggie has balls. Her take no prisoners attitude works both in her position as former FBI Agent as well as in life. Of course, she’s still working through attempting to overcome a horrible tragedy – thus why she’s not working with the FBI at the moment.

I actually really liked the premise of the story. It’s written in third person, so if that bugs the fuck out of you: be forewarned. But that didn’t bother me. I felt Maggie’s fire, her passion, and her need to get back to doing what she was meant to do with her life.

When she meets Jake all bets were off. I should have cared more that a girl was being held hostage – and I swear I did – but the small arcs of attraction between Maggie and Jake had me eager for more.

The plotline was believable and enjoyable – this is definitely a fantastic short read for the mystery lover.  Book one had me hooked. It’s a serial, so there’s a cliffy – but you’ll make it. PROMISE.

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]