I fled from my home to another country—a place where I could have a fresh start. I was attending one of the top universities in the world and pursuing my medical degree. I wasn’t proud of what I had to do to during the night to afford my dream, but I had to do what I had to do. My daily life was mundane, I kept to myself and avoided any unnecessary attention. Everything changed when the gorgeous, salacious, mercurial Kason Wright decided that he wanted me. I thought that I could keep my feelings out of our arrangement. I thought I wanted him, but I didn’t just want him, I needed him. He gave me what I couldn’t give myself. You may think that he took advantage of a broken girl, but it wasn’t like that. I willingly gave myself to him and he glued me back together. He unraveled my layers, but in the process he opened the Pandora’s box that was my past.

*Disclaimer: do not read if you are sensitive to expletives, capricious men, and kinky sex. Please be aware that there are references of self harm, drug abuse, violence, and suicidal thoughts. There are flashback scenes of abuse and rape, and this book is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.*

About the Author:

I’m a new author who fell in love with books many years ago. I’ve finally grown the confidence, with the help of my friends, to publish a novel that I wrote a year ago. I’m an English and Humanities major with a potty mouth who speaks 50% sarcasm. I’m in love with my MacBook and my library.