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Play Hardest


WARNING: Contains two sexy as sin, filthy-mouthed, dominating, rock hard alpha males. Read at your own risk.

Trusting him is the biggest play he’ll ever make…

Jordan Barr is in deep. He can’t get Eric off his mind, and he’s consumed with wanting the sinfully sexy man. But there’s more at stake now than the pro quarterback ever bargained for. It’s not just his or Eric’s heart or career on the line anymore.

Lives are at stake and their enemies are playing dirty.

Both men need to keep their eyes open for a potentially career-ending blitz. But that’s increasingly tough when all Jordan wants to do is screw Eric senseless.

That kind of screwing sounds damn fine to Eric Higgins. He’s never wanted anyone the way he wants Jordan, but Eric doesn’t know who he can trust anymore.

As their enemies close in and time grows short, he’ll have to decide if he’s ready to make the biggest play of all and let Jordan into his heart.

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Excerpt From Play hard


A knock sounded on the door, “Room service.”

Good. At least he could eat. And sober up and get to bed before he fucked up his life any more than he had already.

Jordan opened the door and looked straight into the sexy green eyes of Eric goddamned Higgins.


He should slam the door in his face; he should threaten to beat the shit out of Eric if he didn’t go away and leave him the hell alone.

Instead, Jordan stood back, letting Eric into his room.

“Listen, I know you have concerns, valid concerns,” Eric said, keeping his voice low, as if he, too, was worried that the walls might have ears. “I respect that. But I also know that this kind of chemistry doesn’t happen every day. I’m not asking for more than this. But I want you so much it’s driving me crazy, and one thing you need to know about me is I am astonishingly good at giving head and keeping secrets. So if you want this, I swear no one will know but you and me.” Eric’s voice dropped to a tempting whisper. “No one else will know how good I can make you feel.”

Killing him. Eric was killing him with all those words. So damn enticing. And not just the giving head part but the keeping secrets.

Still, he had to stay strong.

“This can’t go anywhere,” Jordan said, fighting the urge to pull Eric back against his body, fusing them together until they both got what they needed from each other. He wanted to believe they could pull off a secret affair, but secrets like this always came out. Always. “It just can’t. Not now.”

“All we’ve got is now.” Eric stepped closer, flooding Jordan’s head with his leather and spring rain smell. “Life is short and it’s meant to be lived, man, not put on hold. I don’t want to get to the end of my career and know it came at the price of shutting people out of my life.”

Jordan swallowed, wishing Eric would stop talking. Every time he opened that sexy mouth of his and something intelligent or thoughtful or kind or witty came out, it got harder to resist him. Eric wasn’t just a cocky bastard; he was a man who could become a friend, more than a friend, and there was no doubt that once Jordan started fucking Eric he wouldn’t want to stop for a long, long time.

Damn, he looked so good in just jeans and a black tee shirt. He hadn’t bothered with shoes. His feet were bare, and Jordan wished the rest of him was bare, too. He wanted to rip that tee shirt off his taut chest and feel him skin-to-skin. He wanted his cock in Eric’s mouth, Eric’s fingers digging into his ass, and both of them writhing together until the heat building between them banished their awareness of everything but how good it felt to come.

“Let’s just see how it goes,” Eric said, closing the gap between them, wrapping his thick arm around Jordan’s waist. “Give me a night. One night to show you this kind of chemistry is worth the chance. It’s going to feel so damn good.”

Eric leaned in, parting his lips, and Jordan sighed into the kiss, stroking his tongue deep into Eric’s hot mouth. He tasted like whiskey and peppermint and something wild and uncivilized that made Jordan’s blood burn even hotter. Eric’s tongue was soft but persistent, patient but demanding, taking what he needed and leaving Jordan aching all over.

This kiss was different from the kiss in the elevator. It was searching, exploring—with a surging white heat skimming just below the surface, promising the hottest fuck of his life.

Their tongues continued to give chase as Jordan’s breath grew faster, ragged; Eric seemed to steal the air straight from his lungs, making his head spin and the throbbing in his cock grow even more intense.

They stumbled toward the couch, kissing deeper, harder, until Jordan was fucking Eric’s mouth with his tongue. Jordan’s knees hit the back of the couch near the window. Eric took advantage of his momentary loss of balance to push Jordan down, smiling down at him as he stripped his shirt over his head.

Jordan took in the sight of muscles on top of muscles, thick pecs with a dusting of dark hair, and the trail leading down toward the bulge in Eric’s jeans and his cock somehow managed to swell even thicker.

“You look good half-naked,” Jordan said, his voice rough.

“I look better all naked,” Eric said. “But before I show you, I need to take care of a few things.”

Eric kneeled between Jordan’s legs, running his palm over the rock hard bulge at the front of Jordan’s jeans.

“Fuck,” Jordan groaned, lifting his hips, pressing into Eric’s hand.


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