Reeling from a recent break-up, Anne is surprised when she meets Jim, her handsome ER doctor. She’s been burned one too many times before, with the most recent relationship fail happening not even an hour before they meet! Catching her on-again-off-again now definitely-off-again boyfriend with her roommate, in her own living room, was definitely not how she planned on spending her Saturday. She definitely didn’t plan on spending it in the ER either!
It’s not been Anne’s best day, to say the least!
Jim’s been looking for ‘The One’ for what seems like forever. His work hours limit his dating life and any women who come into the ER are either drunk out of their minds or are on enough drugs to make rock stars jealous. Getting involved with a patient is the last thing that he wants or needs.
Until Anne.
Will Jim and Anne get their happy ever after or does Ben, her best guy friend, have intentions of his own?
Sometimes, you have to close your eyes and listen to your heart in order to see the future.
“Do you need vitals?” Mark turns to Becky, the nurse demanding every detail of my life.
“Yes, please. Thank you.” Becky smiles at Mark. She better get off my Kool Aid.
“Yes Mark, you hot tottie; get over here and check my breasts.”
Oh no, did I just say that out loud?
Renee is about to explode with laughter so I must’ve said it loud enough for everyone to hear. I risk a glance at the hot nurse and yep, he heard it too. His cheeks and ears are completely red as a blush covers his whole face.
Kill me now.
I’m sure he has heard worse from delirious patients. And, it’s never a bad time for a boob check. Too bad I, in my delirious state, think right here and now is the best time apparently.
Thankfully, he says nothing further and sidesteps my comment like a pro. He must get that a lot. “Let’s get you checked out, miss.”
As they push me into the ER the entire room starts to spin and I am about to puke again. The bright lights are giving me a migraine the size of Texas and good lord, what do they use to clean this place with? I cannot breathe without smelling the acid/clorox-like smell.
With my senses bombarding me, making me physically sick to my stomach, I notice that I’ve lost Renee. I look around wildly wondering where she is and am worried that she won’t be able to find me. I’m now scared that they won’t let her back because she’s not family. Damn, I don’t want to be back here alone.
Nurse Bangable Pants is back at my side, “Don’t worry miss, your friend just went to park the car. I’ll make sure she gets back to you when she comes back in.”
“Nurse Bangable Pants, you’re the best.”
Fuuuuucccckkk! I said that outloud.
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