Book: Addicted To You by Beth Kery (writing as Bethany Kane)

Have I read it before?:  No

What did I drink?:  boxed wine because i’m all class. When I ran out, I upgraded to a bottle.

How do I feel:  Totally fine. Thank goodness.

General Thoughts:

oh this book is so good. not that i should be surprised, since this is Beth Kery and all. She knows how I like it, and she certainly delivered with this book. I’m giving nothing away by stating that the book opens with an incredibly intense sex scene during which you don’t even know the main female character’s name. And. It. Is. Unbelievably. Hot.

Of course, you eventually learn that Rill Pierce, big time Hollywood producer, has snuck away to Vulture’s Canyon, Illinois to wallow in his own self loathing after his wife, Eden, dies. Katie Hughes, a tax attorney, was Eden’s best friend and the little sister of Rill’s best friend – Everett Hughes, a big time hollywood actor. After eighteen months of Rill’s seclusion from the world, Katie decides it’s enough and goes to him.

I was super concerned that this fancy pants business guy was going to get in the way of Rill & Katie getting together.

But I didn’t have to worry. Katie’s strong and can hold her own. I was cheering for Katie a bit.

Rill can be surly. and brusque. and assholey. But he’s built up quite a wall around his heart that needs to be broken through – but Katie is up for the challenge. However, obviously I reacted a bit during the sweet torture that occurs up to the first time they actually have sex (well, the first time he remembers it anyway)

I loved this story. Not only is the sex hot (let me just say that there’s woods and an outdoor swing) but the characters are well written and you begin rooting for Rill almost immediately. Well, at least I began rooting for him. I love seeing a strong man work through his demons to find light – and I also love hot men who can chop wood and who like to hike. So really, this book hit all of my hot buttons.

Ahh, now on to book 2 in the series – Exposed To You!