Author: Kate Stewart

Book: The Mind

tl;dr recommendation: You’ll leave this story with a heavy heart but a renewed spirit that love exists. 4.5 stars!

Book Summary:

We fell in love in a lightning strike, a sudden anomaly in a sea of lost people.
He knew right away, yet I was hesitant. I could have never prepared myself for a love like ours.
No one could.
As a child, I had conjured an amazing story in my mind. It was a story I could retell about a man that would move me like no other; a story about the way we met and how he had swept me off my feet. But, the ending to that fairytale was so far from the reality.
No one will want to hear that story now, but for Grant, I will always tell it.

***Explicit Sex and Language. Not for those who are not fans of spontaneous love affairs.

Reading Order for The Reluctant Romantics Series

The Fall
The Mind 1.5 (Novella for Grant and Rose)
The Heart (Coming March) 2016

Longer Review:

If you’re looking for an HEA you’re going to have to wait. While Kate spins us into a fairytale love story she also crushed your heart with her pen…slowly and completely. I had read The Fall so I KNEW what was going to happen with Grant and Rose’s story but I still had to read it. I had to feel the all consuming love rush over my skin and infiltrate my heart.

Of course that means that my world was shattered into tiny pieces after I was finished. I need the next book. I need for Rose to get her happily ever after. Of course, without being spoilery, Grant does not wrong – in fact he does everything right. He is the perfect man for her. He’s just fucking perfect in general.

So when everything happens and their instant and soul scorching love affair spirals downward I was as heartbroken as Rose. Stewart is a masterful storyteller. You’ll leave this story with a heavy heart but a renewed spirit that love exists. It’s real. It can be perfect and tragic all at one. GAH. Love you, Kate.

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]