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Review: Ride Me Hard by Shari Slade

Author: Shari Slade

Book: Ride Me Hard (The Devil’s Host MC #1) << CURRENTLY FREE!

tl;dr recommendation: This is growly and aggressive and made me uncomfortably excited. 4.5 stars!

Book Summary:

When a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy’s Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shift, covered in tattoos and looking at me like I’m on the menu, I should flip the open sign to closed. But I don’t, because I’m too used to doing what I’ve been told. Too used to working and struggling and surviving to do anything different. A closed sign wouldn’t stop him anyway. He’s here to collect a debt. And I’m the only one left to pay.

Author’s Note: Ride Me Hard is part one in the Devil’s Host MC serial.

Longer Review:

4.5 stars!

This is growly and aggressive and made me uncomfortably excited. Like, should I really be enjoying that gritty, hard, sexy as fuck blow job scene that caresses the line of consent? Answer: hell yes.

Star lives the hard life but Noah’s life is harder. When he comes to collect a debt from Star’s cousin who works at the restaurant she waitresses she knows he’s trouble, she knows she should back away and run and yet…she wants to be unburdened and uncontrollable. Does she have a choice in what happens next? That’s debatable, and that’s part of why the heat felt out of this world hot.

If you’re into MC books, you need to get into Shari Slade. Ok, not INTO her, but into her books. *winks* Fantastically written and easily combustable, Ride Me Hard lives up to its title. This first installment of this novella left me wondering where we were going but dying to take the ride to get there.

Review: The Voice Between My Legs – Part 2 by Ozlo & Priya Grey

Authors: Ozlo & Priya Grey

Book: The Voice Between My Legs – Part 2

Other book in series:

The Voice Between My Legs – Part 1

tl;dr recommendation: Romance, a little angsty drama and some light bdsm deliciousness round out the conclusion to this fun serial set! 4 stars!

Book Summary:

What My Body Wants, My Heart Can’t Have.…

Cooper has revealed his secret and his deception runs deep. My head tells me to walk away, but my body refuses. Sex with Cooper West rocks me to the core and shatters all preconceived notions of who I am. So when the billionaire presents an “arrangement” that can satisfy both our needs, I agree against my better judgment. We’re playing a dangerous game – one where our emotions and physical desires clash.

No matter how many times I ravish her body, I’m still not satisfied. Lacey Winters has awoken feelings in me that I buried long ago. But I can’t let her get too close. Now that she knows my secret, there’s too much at stake. I have to stop thinking about her. I have to stop wanting her. I have to keep my distance while I savor every inch of her body.

Longer Review:

This dominating and heated conclusion to Lacey and Cooper’s journey is naked & erotic – oh and a bit romantic too. In case you missed it, this is the conclusion to a novella duet. You need to read part 1 first, so…go do that.

We pick back up with Lacey when she finds out exactly who Cooper is – the mask has been ripped off and her Master is standing in front of her. Lacey’s pissed that she bared her soul while Cooper was lying to her and her walls are immediately erected.

Cooper’s an interesting character. He’s hiding his identity, terrified that the small handful of people who know about him are going to ruin his world and he runs to Lacey with his hopes of a normal life dashed and his self-preservation kicking in.

I wished that there was a bit more detail in these books – I feel like this story could easily be packed into a full length novel and more bit and pieces could have been developed; however, for the serial crowd, this is a fun bite of pleasure that will leave you happily sated.

I loved Lacey’s journey and her determination to take every positive opportunity presented to her. She doesn’t back down from a challenge and she’s courageous in her pursuits. The heat between Cooper & Lacey flares hotter than ever and reading their story left me with a smile.

Romance, a little angsty drama and some light bdsm deliciousness round out the conclusion to this fun serial set! 4 stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Review: Judged – Part 1 by Ali Parker

Author: Ali Parker

Book: Judged – Part 1

tl;dr recommendation: A lick of danger and a dash of seduction mix into a sexy and fun start to this serial story! 4 stars!

Book Summary:

Part 1 of a 3 part Serial. If you don’t enjoy cliffhangers and partial reads for free, this might not be for you. I will be putting out the box set super fast, which is the full story.

** 18+ Sexual Situations and Language

A past filled with harmful teasing isn’t easily overcome. Neither is a history of crime and death.

Once judged, always judged.

Sicily Moretti comes from a long line of good cooking and large hips. Having graduated at the top of her class from the Culinary Institute of America, she finds success in sugary treats and rich pastries. Having moved from New York to Maine with her closest friend, Kari and Lisa, she’s looking for a new start where the building of her own bakery will be her focus. She’s not looking for love, nor is she interested in it. She’s been judged incorrectly too many times.

Drake DeMarco comes from a long line of crime, his new life a fresh start. His older, Demetri worked hard to help the feisty alpha male cut ties with who he was born to be, his past completely hidden to everyone in the small town of Bar Harbor. He’s invested in the town’s only gym and is working hard to keep his attention only on his business, but everything changes when a dark-haired beauty begins to steal not only his attention, but his heart.

With a past that would land him in jail, he’s beyond scared to let Sicily in. Good thing she doesn’t seem in the least bit interested. Will he finally push past his fear of having her judge his family and their nefarious ways and force her to see him for who he is on the inside?

The past follows them until they turn and face it, reconciling who they once were from who they are to become – together.

Longer Review:

A lick of danger and a dash of seduction mix into a sexy and fun start to this serial story!

Sicily needs to get a little bit of a grip as she’s constantly judging herself and her weight. While she’s a fantastic baker, she wishes she didn’t look the part. Gym owner Drake has a mysterious past and abs to die for. He also only has eyes for Sicily. Their friendship starts to bloom into something more as they both work to accept the people they are right now…not the people they wished they could be.

Parker builds these characters nicely and leaves room for a lot of growth. The emotional connection between them is just starting and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing just how much of Drake’s past is going to visit in his present!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Review: The Voice Between My Legs – Part 1 by Ozlo & Priya Grey

Authors: Ozlo & Priya Grey

Book: The Voice Between My Legs – Part 1

tl;dr recommendation: This is one dripping, delicious and salacious story of sexual awakening! 4 stars!

Book Summary:

A BDSM Sexual Awakening

I’ve done things you might not agree with. You may not like me because of it. But if you lived through what I experienced, maybe you’d see things differently. I wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way of my new life…then I met him.

Cooper West is attractive, wealthy, and CEO of one of hottest companies in New York City. He can have any girl he wants… he chose me. I have to tell him about the things I’ve done…but how?

What would happen if you let the man of your dreams read your diary? Would he still want to be with you? I’m about to find out.

*This hot and steamy romance contains elements of BDSM. It is intended for adult audiences 18+ only.

Longer Review:

This is one dripping, delicious and salacious story of sexual awakening! I was SO SAD for Lacey when I found out that her orgasm had basically gone into hibernation. *shudders* Let’s have a moment of silence.

ok. phew.

As Lacey searches for anything to give her a rush to her clit, she finds that she enjoys things that she never contemplated. I loved watching her self discovery. I also cheered for her when she stood up for herself. She’s a new woman and gives zero fucks how many zeros line your bank statements – she just cares how you treat people. Well done, girl.

Her relationship with Cooper grows quickly (ok, so the whole story was a bit fast…but it’s a novella, so, there’s that) and it’s practically over before it began….or is it? Lacey is determined not to let any chances in life pass her by and she grabs hold of every opportunity with such a love of life that I wanted her to get everything she deserved.

I wasn’t totally in love with the writing style in the beginning – it’s very ‘dear diary’ish (as advertised) and that doesn’t totally do it for me, but when the book switches over into a more traditional writing style, things got a lot better. I’m also not sold on the title of the series since it sort of makes it sound like we’re going to be reading about her vagina’s thoughts – but we don’t. It’s not the Vagina Monologues Redux, so if that was worrying you, worry no longer. The content is good and fun and full of sex clubs and self discovery, and it was super easy to focus on that instead. AND YOU SHOULD!

On the whole, this novella made me smile and want for book 2 – Cooper is aloof but charming, with something more just below the surface. Now that each of them are peeling back their layers I can only hope that book two gives us the ending they deserve!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Review: He Wants Me – Part 8 by Julia Swift

Author: Julia Swift

Book: He Wants Me – part 8

Other Books in Series:

He Wants Me – Part 1
He Wants Me – Part 2
He Wants Me – Part 3
He Wants Me – part 4
He Wants Me – part 5
He Wants Me – part 6
He Wants Me – part 7

Link to my review of the first three parts
Link to my review of parts four & five

tl;dr recommendation: These little novelettes are sweet desserts that left me completely satisfied.

Book Summary:

He was supposed to be a one-night fling. Landon Blake: hot tech billionaire, and the wildest sex of my life. Until I find him standing over my boss’s dead body – with a bloody knife in his hand.

They say he’s dangerous. He swears he’s not to blame. Somebody’s setting him up, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.
I don’t know who I can trust. I should stay away.

But he wants me.

Longer Review:

We finally get the conclusion we’ve been hoping, praying and waiting for. *GLITTER CANNON!!!* Thank fuck. This installment is a huge relief after such an incredible rollercoaster ride of a series!

Landon and Megan know a piece of the ‘who’ but don’t quite know the ‘why’. The terror threat is still in play and they’re both still in danger. As they maneuver their way to safety, the ride gets a little wild.

One thing that doesn’t falter is the pull that continues to drive them to each other. Their feelings are solidified and their connection is stronger than ever. Landon’s sweet gaze is enough to do me in, but his actions more than make up for his little disappearing act. *swoon*

These little novelettes are sweet desserts that left me completely satisfied! Thank you, Julia!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Release Day Review: Billionaire With a Twist – Part 3 by Lila Monroe

Title: Billionaire With a Twist Part Three
Series: Billionaire With a Twist #3
Author: Lila Monroe
 Release Date: September 30, 2015
Warning: love on the rocks.Sexy bourbon billionaire Hunter Knox hired me to turn around the failing family business, but I wound up losing him the company he loves. Now I have to make it right – which won’t be easy when he’s off the grid at a cabin in the woods, drinking himself into a sexy rugged stupor.But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that Hunter is worth a shot. Or two. He better line them up, because after tonight, I’m never drinking again.

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Get ready for a whole lot of emotional whiskey-dick. Hunter hems and haws and we watch his emotions rise and fall without warning while he laments about the loss of his company and the perceived betrayal by Ally.

Thank fuck that Ally is one strong girl who refuses to give up. After a completely legitimate pity party, she is relentless in pursuing the money shot. She’s determined to get Hunter back on track at any cost – even if it throws her pride on the line.

Lila once again makes me laugh and leaves me with a smile. This is a romcom series that has angst, sweetness and plenty of sexy heat. Ally and Hunter are fantastic together when they work as a team and plot how they’re going to remedy the Douchebros’ atrocity of an advertising campaign and put the Knox name back on the lips of the public without leaving a sour taste in their mouths.

Fun, flirty and fiery, Ally is a strong heroine who isn’t afraid to put in the work to get what she wants while Hunter still has the ability to make her knees weak with the flash of a grin. (after he manages to get his head on straight *winkwink*).

Lila works her magic in this final installment, and left me tipsy on their love. 5 stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Also Available

Hunter brought the cold glass bottle to my lips, and I closed my eyes to better appreciate the flavor.

“Mmmmm.” Hints of caramel, a touch of cinnamon, and was that…nutmeg? I licked my lips. “Tastes like autumn.”

“Next,” Hunter said softly. There was a clink as he set down the bottle, and another as he picked the second one up. Then that cool glass was against my warm mouth again, and I shivered as I felt his breath ghost against the back of my neck. I could practically feel the heart radiating off his body behind me. A drop of condensation slipped down the neck of the bottle, rolling down the fevered skin of my neck.

Oh, right, the beer. I took a gulp, hoping the cool liquid would calm my disordered thoughts. No such luck—but it was delicious, strongly hoppy this time, notes of lime and orange and vanilla, with a peppery finish. “Damn, that’s good. It’s like spring!”

“I’m glad you like it,” Hunter murmured. His arm encircled my waist—no, he was just reaching for another bottle, no, that was his other hand, this one was definitely resting on my waist, lightly, just above my hipbone.

I didn’t dare open my eyes, for fear I would find I was only dreaming.

“Another?” Hunter invited.

“Yes please.” My voice was a whisper, hoarse with desire I hoped he couldn’t hear.

And there it came, his gentle hands guiding it to my mouth, the smooth glass with its beads of moisture kissing my skin, and that that ambrosia sliding slowly down my throat: brown sugar and anise and a hint of…chocolate.

“Ooooooh,” I moaned in appreciation. I licked my lips.

And heard a sharp intake of breath from Hunter. “You like that?” he whispered.

“So much,” I replied, feeling the heat in my body gather itself tight and low.

Even with my eyes closed I was vividly aware of how close he was standing to me; I could smell him, hear each breath he took. His hand on my waist seemed to grip a fraction tighter, wrinkling the fabric of my dress—the hand holding the bottle seemed to tremble slightly, I could feel his breath ruffling my hair as he bent closer, those warm lips only inches from—

My eyes burst open and I almost leapt away from him. We didn’t have time for sexual tension! That was what had gotten us into trouble in the first place. My mind fluttered rapidly over possible topics of redirection.

It was difficult. It mostly wanted to think of Hunter shirtless.

Maybe pantsless too.

Yeah….definitely pantsless.

Author Bio
Amazon bestselling author, queen of the short-reads, and expert at playdough, Lila Monroe loves to read and write tales of sexy Billionaires. Combining her love of writing, sex and well-fitted suits, Lila Monroe wrote her first serial, The Billionaire Bargain. Lila enjoys writing, as it gives her a flexible schedule to spend time with her kids and a wonderful excuse to avoid them. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who strips out of his well-fitted suits nightly.
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Blog Tour & Review: Hard As Steel by Laura Kaye

Hard as Steel - Review & Excerpt Tour - banner

We so excited to be able to bring you the Review & Excerpt Tour for Laura Kaye’s HARD AS STEEL!! HARD AS STEEL is a Hard Ink/Raven Riders Crossover Series Novella brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights.  Grab your copy of this sexy novella today!

Hard as Steel

Amazon eBook ** Amazon Paperback

About HARD AS STEEL: A Hard Ink/Raven Riders Crossover Novella

After identifying her employer’s dangerous enemies, Jessica Jakes takes refuge at the compound of the Raven Riders Motorcycle Club. Fellow Hard Ink tattooist and Raven leader Ike Young promises to keep Jess safe for as long as it takes, which would be perfect if his close, personal, round-the-clock protection didn’t make it so hard to hide just how much she wants him—and always has.

Ike Young loved and lost a woman in trouble once before. The last thing he needs is alone time with the sexiest and feistiest woman he’s ever known, one he’s purposely kept at a distance for years. Now, Ike’s not sure he can keep his hands or his heart to himself—or that he even wants to anymore. And that means he has to do whatever it takes to hold on to Jess forever.

Hard As Steel - Tour Teaser 2


This is a filthy friends-to-fucking novella that had me scrambling around for my vibrator. Holy shit. Ike and Jessica’s chemistry is like another character lurking in the background waiting to be introduced. And when it is…oh.my.god. There was one scene that I went back and read again. And then again. Because, fuck. That was hot.

This story is happening at the same time as the one in Hard To Let Go and I adored seeing this piece from Jessica and Ike’s perspective. This love story might be short, but it still manages to plunge you deep into the plot. Jessica is running from the crazy dangerous men that are wreaking havoc on the rest of the Hard Ink crew and Ike has been voluntold to protect her. Not that he wouldn’t have done that anyway. He may not be willing to admit that he has real feelings for Jessica, but he sure as hell knows that he needs to keep her safe.

As they stay hidden in a cabin on the MC Club’s compound, Ike refuses to give in to Jessica’s tempting…until he doesn’t really have a choice. Somehow in a few short pages, Laura balances heat with sweet romance, and makes you fall in love with both of these characters.

From Ike’s muscles, possessive spirit and suppressed feelings to Jessica’s strength & heart-on-her-sleeve attitude, I loved every piece of this story. Did I mention the sex is hot? I Loved this dirty and delicious addition to the Hard Ink family! 5 Stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Fashinable muscular man with tattooes on grey background



Voices woke her. No, one voice.

Ike. Talking and restless in his sleep. She couldn’t understand the slurred words, so she turned onto her back and closed her eyes. Ike’s body followed hers. He turned on his side and curled himself around her—close enough to feel that his cock was totally hard against her thigh.

The heat that shot over her body had nothing to do with Ike’s fever.

God, he felt big and thick against her. Her hands itched to stroke him. She licked her lips, her mouth hungry to feel his heaviness on her tongue, against the back of her throat. She shifted her hips, her core clenching at the thought of feeling him penetrate her, open her, ride her. Hard.

Nearly holding her breath, Jess stayed still. His erection would go away and her heart would stop racing and then she’d fall back to sleep and forget this ever happened.

As if. In the dark, she rolled her eyes at herself.

There were cocks and then there were cocks. This one did not feel forgettable, thank you very much.

“Jess,” Ike whispered.

“Uh, hey.” Because it wasn’t weird at all for them to talk while his hard-on was touching her.

No answer. And then: “Fuck, Jess.” His hips rocked, grinding his erection against her thigh. He released a rough breath and nuzzled his face against hers. His lips dragged across her cheek until he was pressing his lips against her ear.

Holy fucking shit.

“Uh, Ike?” she said. Was he awake? If not, did she want him to be?

A hand dragged up her stomach, pulling her tank top with it. He squeezed her breast, hips grinding, harsh breaths in her ear.

My God, she was gonna die from how fucking hot this was.

He mumbled something that sounded a helluva lot like “need you,” and Jess was pretty damn sure if he kept this up, she was going to come without him getting anywhere near her clit.

Not to mention, if he was dreaming about being with her and needing her, what did that even mean? Something? Nothing? Everything?

He didn’t give her time to debate it. Ike shifted, his body rolling partially on top of her. It was too much weight on her thigh and knee, which she forced up and out from under him—unintentionally putting her thigh under his waist and his big body between her legs.

He rocked against her, but this time his cock ground against the very top of her thigh. Fuck, so close to where she was absolutely throbbing for him.

She didn’t want this to stop, but she couldn’t let it go on, either. Could she?

About Laura Kaye:

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty books in contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

Website | Facebook |Twitter | Newsletter SignUp | HARD AS STEEL on Goodreads

Hard As Steel - Available Now

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Review: His For Tonight – Part 2 by Ravenna Russo

Author: Ravenna Russo

Book: His For Tonight – Part 2

Other books in series:

His For Tonight – part 1 – my review is here
His For Tonight – parts 3 & 4 <<coming soon!

tl;dr recommendation: Sweet and sensual mixes with red hot sex: Nipple clamping, butt plugging, tie me up, sizzling hot sex. LOVE.

Book Summary:

* This novella is Book 2 of a 4-part serial, so watch out for cliffhangers–and one demanding, dirty-talking bad boy with a sexy accent who will melt your panties! *

Three days, three nights. Hot sex. No strings attached…maybe.

How did a sensible, serious Iowa college girl like me end up in a situation like this? I can explain.

I know it seems crazy. I never expected to find myself the paid escort of a superstar athlete with a sexy accent and wickedly talented hands. But all of a sudden, I’ve been swept into a world of bright lights, limousines and paparazzi.

We’re just supposed to be having a weekend fling. But it’s starting to feel like something more…something real. I’ve never responded to any guy the way I have to him. Everything is on the line now.

My heart most of all.

Please note: His for Tonight Book 2 is a New Adult romance novella of 20,000 words (about 75 pages). Contains graphic sex and language. Cliffhanger alert! This is Book 2 of a 4-part serial. Subscribe to Ravenna’s new-release newsletter to get an email as soon as Book 3 is published!

Longer Review:

Why do I love these billionaire novellas so much?! I just do. It’s like why I love dogs more than cats, and bananas more than oranges. I just fucking do. This is even better because it’s like a sports romance mixed with a billionaire playboy.

This series needs more play. Why? Because Italian billionaire soccer player Luciano dominates good girl Elise while she rips away his walls and reveals his vulnerabilities. It’s so tropey and so well done and I couldn’t be happier with where this is going.

Sweet and sensual mixes with red hot sex: Nipple clamping, butt plugging, tie me up, sizzling hot sex. LOVE.

Luciano has convinced Elise to come to New York for three days…three days where he pampers her, dominates her, and begins to fall for her. Elise knows that this “relationship” has an expiration date, yet she can’t stop herself from feeling more. Between the paparazzi vultures and the impending doom that awaits them when they part, His For Tonight 2 riles you up only to leave you needing more.

More, please!

[I recieved an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Blog Tour & Review: More Than Kisses by Renee Ericson

Author: Renee Ericson

Book: More Than Kisses <— RIGHT NOW IT’S FREE!

Other book in series:

More Than Water – my review is here

tl;dr recommendation: Quirky, funny and oh so hot! 5 stars!

Book Summary:

A night with five of their closest friends was all that Evelyn and Foster had planned for when they decided to take part in a holiday progressive dinner party. However, when an unexpected guest makes an appearance and throws Evelyn off her game, it’s up to Foster to bring her back to her senses. His plan involves a little more than kisses.

A More Than Water short story complete with sexy times and a hair fetish, told from the dual POV of Evelyn and Foster.

Longer Review:

I’ve had a love affair with Foster and EJ ever since I read More Than Water. They are a breath of fresh air and some of my favorite characters to read. Quirky, funny and oh so hot, More Than Kisses is a short novella that lets us back into their world as they attend a progressive dinner with their friends.

EJ gets a little distracted when she walks in on something that she can’t unsee. It’s like strolling through tumblr and finding a gifset that makes you wish that you could bleach your eyes. As the reel keeps playing in her head, she begins to make Foster’s night difficult, so Foster decides that he needs to re-direct her focus. Oh hell yes.

This book is a quick hit at humor, heat and nerdom. I love it!  #talknerdytome. FOREVER.

Review: Justified Box Set by Ali Parker

Author: Ali Parker

Book: Justified

tl;dr recommendation: Justified is a purely enjoyable bout of lust filled passion and love soaked need. 4 stars!

Book Summary:

This includes the FULL serial series. COMPLETE STORY – HEA.

** 18+ Harsh language and sexual situations.

Lust has always been the emotion of choice; love nothing more than a silly game played by delusional fools.

Lisa Parks has been successful at everything she touches, her confidence her calling card. A recent move to Maine from New York is just the change of atmosphere she needs for a fresh start. With far too many mistakes in her past, her eyes remain focused on loving and leaving, her actions justified by far too many cracks in her damaged heart.

Marc Martin is living the dream, his college being paid for and his sights set on great things. In a quick turnaround trip to help his older sister Kari move to Maine after heartbreak, Marc meets the woman that just might be his match. Lust has been a reoccurring theme in his life, and he has no plans of changing that. He is young and free, handsome and ready to set the world on fire, and finds that he is justified in breaking hearts everywhere he goes. Besides, love is a game played by many and truly won by few.

No way would he ever consider settling down or letting someone into his heart. That is… until he meets Lisa.

Longer Review:

Rawr! Feisty and holy-shit-i-need-a-minute-that-was-hot meets vulnerability and miscommunication in this sweet and sexy serial set. For real though, I had to put down the book after that dressing room scene to uh, take care of a few things.

Lisa is love-phobic. She prefers her men interchangeable and her life uncomplicated. Except that ever since she met her best friend’s brother, Marc, she can’t picture anyone else mid-orgasm. However, Marc’s still in college, a huge player in his own right, and lives hundreds of miles away from her.

Justified is a purely enjoyable bout of lust filled passion and love soaked need. They both struggle to fit what they’ve found into their messy lives, opening insecurities along the way and pushing each other’s every button.

When two players collide and compete for dominance, sparks fly, tempers flare and wild sex is had. I loved every second of it. 4 stars!

[I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review]

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