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Release Day Blitz: Stars in her Eyes by Kennedy Kelly



A red carpet and one look was all it took to ignite the spark between Sachi Waters and mega-star Drayke Sloan. With a proposition that is typically left in the movies, the two find themselves consuming each other in a whirl wind weekend.

But when Sunday night rolls around, Sachi finds she didn’t just give Drayke her body, but her heart, too. He promised to stay in touch. But after months without a word, she gave up hope.

Until life threw them together again. The spotlight, the fans, their past all working together to keep these two apart. Can their love over come it all?

This book has mature content and is only suitable for those 18 and over.






I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO where I grew up with four older brothers. I now reside in Overland Park, Kansas. I’d always loved to write as a child. My teachers would call home not because I was in trouble but because I had a creative imagination and they wanted my parents to know about the crazy stories I was writing. I’ve always been a hard worker. I started working with my family’s company when I was 15 and still haven’t stopped. I am a wife, mother of two, hold down a full time job and am now trying to be a indie author. I have a passion for reading and before I started writing I could be found with a Kindle in my hand morning, noon and night. I’m a picky reader so it’s hard to please me but I feel like I have a keen eye for a good book.

I hope you all will join me on my new journey as I release my first book Fearless Love. It can be very scary but with my passion for the written word I hope it will be well worth it.


Blog Tour, EXCERPT, GIVEAWAY & Review: Slow Burn by K. Bromberg


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Reeling from the sudden loss of her sister, Haddie Montgomery has sworn off relationships. All she wanted from Beckett Daniels was a sexy distraction to help her escape her pain for just a little while….There weren’t supposed to be any strings attached—so why can’t she shake the memory of that unforgettable night from her thoughts? Or the taste of his kiss from her lips?

No matter how hard Haddie tries to forget about him, Becks relentlessly tries to prove that she should start living for today. But she is determined to avoid romantic commitment, and she can always use her ex-boyfriend’s reappearance to help snuff out the slow burn within her that Becks has sparked….

Or will fate force her to realize that this kind of connection doesn’t come along very often and a chance at love is worth the risk?

Slow Burn Playlist

Playlist Share link: https://play.spotify.com/user/1284237839/playlist/7IAxqdPZElGUABulkrinU3


He chuckles low and even, a sarcastic amusement woven through the sound that pisses me off. “What are you afraid of? Why is his offer so much more tempting than mine, huh? Oh, I know why,” he says, sarcasm dripping from his words. “He’ll walk away without any questions. But I won’t will I, Haddie? I have plenty of questions. The first one being what exactly are you running from?”

My eyes flash up to meet his, and the look – the moment that passes between us – is too honest, too raw. I have to break it. I can’t let him see the truths that even I’m trying to hide from. How I feel and what I need to fix me – the answer being him – because I’m not going to allow it to happen.

I can feel it. I can know it. But he can’t.

My mind flashes back momentarily to the night of the wedding. Of how I asked him – gave him no other option really –to take me to bed. Did I know then that unzipping my dress for him and inviting him between my legs would lead to this? Me wanting so much more? Me standing in the middle of his apartment wanting to ask for more but unable to because of the fears that are holding me hostage?


I’ll just say it. This book is amazing.

I’m so in love with the Driven Trilogy that I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t fall in love with Haddie and Becks the same way I fell in love with Rylee and Colton. But of course I shouldn’t have worried. Of course not. Because K. Bromberg knows just how to steal your heart, swell your emotions and sate your desires. This book has everything. After finishing I was a little speechless. I KNOW. THIS IS MONUMENTAL.

I flashed through every single emotion possible while reading this book. At times I felt like I was free-falling and that the bottom gave out; but then the world reappeared back under my feet in the most amazing of ways. Grab tissues, people.

I had no idea what the details of Haddie’s story would be, because I avoided reviews and spoilers like the plague, so I won’t ruin it for you. All that you need to know is that Haddie is struggling to recover from her sister’s death and she ends up in bed with Becks. It’s only supposed to be a one-time thing….but yet….but yet….what happens if it’s not?

Not that I was surprised, but it should be said: Slow Burn is incredibly well written. It’s thoughtful, it’s purposeful, it’s emotional. It’s undeniably clear that the words came from Kristy’s soul. It’s like she ripped off a piece of her heart, formed it into words and published it. Reading this book is an unbelievably emotional journey that left me speechless. I cried, I cheered, I fought for and against the characters, I was jealous, I was angry, I was elated…I was EVERYTHING. While all those emotions are great, I would have much preferred to have felt Becks. Like against the wall. because, um, delicious. he’s delicious.

In related news, my new favorite word is ‘cockstruck’. Get ready, it’s being used in my everyday vernacular. THANKS KRISTY. As per usual, K creates a world with catch phrases that will be used as hashtags for years to come. #heartsandheels; #luckycharms; #weare; #wasteitwisely; #pinkflipflops; #itstheclick

While of course I loved whenever Becks & Haddie were in a room (poolhouse/field/etc.) together, I also loved the interactions between Haddie & Rylee / Becks & Colton. In this book you get to see each character from a different perspective than what you remember from the Driven Trilogy. It’s pretty awesome. OH, and Ry & Colton are still adorable, in case you were wondering.

Overall, every single page and each piece of dialogue pushed the story forward, ultimately deepening your emotional connection to the characters. I fell in love with this story from the beginning and fell apart at the end. Amazing, Kristy, amazing.


Want more Driven goodness? Check out my post of all Driven related things HERE.

About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author K. Bromberg is that reserved woman sitting in the corner who has you all fooled about the wild child inside of her—the one she lets out every time her fingertips touch the computer keyboard.

K. lives in Southern California with her husband and three children. When she needs a break from the daily chaos of her life, you can most likely find her on the treadmill or with Kindle in hand, devouring the pages of a good, saucy book.

On a whim, K. Bromberg decided to try her hand at this writing thing. Her debut novels, Driven, Fueled, and Crashed of The Driven Trilogy were well received and went on to become multi-platform bestsellers as well as landing on the New York Times and USA Today lists. Her other works include a short story, UnRaveled, and a companion piece to The Driven Trilogy titled Raced. She is currently working on three stand alone Driven novels, Slow Burn, Sweet Ache, and Hard Beat. She also plans to release a novel addressing the 10 year gap at the ending of Crashed in late fall 2015

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Review: Reckless Love by Kendall Ryan

Author: Kendall Ryan

Book: Reckless Love (Hard to Love #2) – coming soon on March 17, 2015!!

Other Books in Series:

Hard to Love (Hard to Love #1)

tl;dr recommendation: shhhh. you’re interrupting my fantasies about 8 pack abs.

Book Summary:

One reckless fighter.

One night of passion he can’t forget.

The battle between sex and love is fierce and unrelenting.

And love is about to knock him on his ass.

Longer Review:

What is it about cage fighters that gets me going?!?! whatever it is….I’m not fighting it. [YOU KNEW I HAD TO].

While this is the second book in the series, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything major not having read book 1. So, when it says that it’s a standalone, it really is. PHEW.

Ian is an incredibly focused cage fighter who eats clean & doesn’t fuck before fights. He’s looking to go pro and is training his ass off for it. But he can’t keep his mind or his eyes off of the medic at his gym, MacKenzie. When he joins MacKenzie’s friends Alexa and Cade (hi book 1 characters!!) out at a club and things get a little hot and heavy, he immediately pulls back. He can’t have sex before a fight. It’s his rule. and he doesn’t break his rule. But that certainly doesn’t stop his dick from tempting him to try.

MacKenzie is hurt, embarrassed and frustrated after being wound up and left high and dry. While she wants nothing to do with Ian, she can’t help the pull that she feels around him. She’s had a complicated past and while she claims it hasn’t scarred her, it certainly hasn’t helped her ability to trust people. These issues propel her to make decisions on her own and carry the burden of every situation. She spends pretty much the entirety of the book trying to do what she thinks is best for everyone. She doesn’t want to be a burden. She doesn’t want to be a distraction. She’s obviously wrong in doing so, and I wanted to shake the obnoxious out of her so many times I lost count. But she’s independent and afraid to let anyone help – even though she so willingly and easily gives of herself.

The sexual tension between MacKenzie and Ian ratchets up as the book progresses to the point that if something didn’t happen between them soon I was about to hump Ian’s leg. This book is definitely enjoyable, even with Kenzie’s crazy logic….Ian was deliciously sexy. I loved his protective and possessive nature and I loved it even more when his soft and caring side was exposed. This is an easy, fun read that satisfied my craving for eight pack abs. Thanks, Kendall!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Blog Tour, Excerpt & GIVEAWAY: Losing at Love by Jennifer Iacopelli

Buy Links:

Losing at Love:

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Game. Set. Match:

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Losing At Love Synopsis:

Grass courts, tennis whites and the fiercest competition in the world. Wimbledon. After two crazy weeks in Paris, the girls of the Outer Banks Tennis Academy are headed to London with just one thing on their minds: winning.

Indiana Gaffney is fresh off a surprise win at the French Open junior tournament. Sponsors are clamoring for her attention, but what she wants more than anything—aside from a wild card to Wimbledon—is to be with Jack Harrison, but international fame and a secret relationship rarely mix well.

When Penny Harrison dreamed of playing at Wimbledon she never imagined agonizing pain shooting through her ankle with every step. With just a month until the tournament and the whole world expecting her to win, she’s determined to play, with or without the support of her coach or the love of her life, Alex Russell.

For the first time ever, no one expects anything from Jasmine Randazzo. After a crushing first-round defeat in the French Open juniors, the tennis world has given up on her, but worse than that, so have her parents, her best friend Teddy and maybe even her coach. With everyone writing her off, can she find it within herself to go after her dreams?


Philipe Chatrier Court, Roland Garros—Paris, France

Penny Harrison reached down, her fingers skimming the top of the walking boot encasing her foot. The strength of the sun, combined with the body heat of nearly fifteen thousand people, was pressing down upon the court and a rivulet of sweat slipped down from the back of her knee, making her skin itch where the plastic rubbed against it.

Though she stayed seated, her ankle protesting against carrying any weight at all, the crowd around her was on its feet, applauding and shouting, letting their appreciation be known not only for the championship match but also for two weeks of tennis at its highest level played on the red clay baking under the new summer sun.

“S’il vous plaît, Mesdames et Messieurs. Merci.” The chair umpire’s voice boomed through the speakers, his words implicitly demanding and receiving silence or as close to silence as possible before such an important point. Everyone settled back into their seats, the cheers morphing into a buzz, electrifying the moment, the last one in Paris until next year.

Alex stood at the far end of the court, as far away from the player’s box as he could be, trying to use the shadow cast by the court’s walls for some relief. He was just a point away from another championship and proving to the world that he was back at the top of his game. Penny scratched at her irritated skin again, twisting her mouth into a frown. Maybe in a month that would be her, standing on the grass courts at Wimbledon, back from an injury and celebrating a championship at a Grand Slam. It would be the first in her career, compared with what had become routine for Alex.

“Come on, Alex,” she whispered, knowing that even if he couldn’t hear her, he’d feel her support across the court. Her fingers caught on the chain of her necklace, a large old-fashioned penny dangling from the end, Alex’s good luck charm and his gift to her before the tournament. Now clutching it in her fist, she took a deep breath as he went out to serve the final point.

Alex bounced the ball beneath his racket onto the clay, a complete mess after three sets of hard-fought tennis, especially down at the baseline. Romero was opposite him; bent over at the waist, shifting back and forth, ready to receive the serve. One last fan let his voice be heard, a deep British accent from somewhere in the crowd bellowing, “C’mon Russell!” A few anxious people shhh’d him, but Alex didn’t even glance up. He coiled his body down, building power through his legs before tossing the ball high and, with a lightning fast stroke, attacking the bit of green fluff. He sent a low-lying laser beam across the court, skidding off the white T on the other side of the net and then past the outstretched racket of his opponent. The crowd erupted and Penny lost sight of him as everyone leapt to their feet, screaming, totally drowning out the umpire’s call of, “Game. Set. Match.” He came into view again as he was shaking Romero’s hand at the net, then he looked up into the stands, his eyes finding her immediately. She blew him a kiss, but he smiled and shook his head. Jogging over to the stands and climbing in, passing rows and rows of people who patted him on the back before he reached her, covered in sweat and mud, he leaned over the wall surrounding the player’s box and slid one hand into her hair, the other caught her hand and pulled her up against him, getting red clay all over her white eyelet dress as they embraced.

“I love you,” she whispered against the whisker-roughened skin of his cheek. It was the first time she’d said those words to him and they just slipped out. Panic shot through her for a moment before he pulled her closer, held her even tighter and said,  “I love you too.”


 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Author Bio:

Jennifer Iacopelli was born in New York and has no plans to leave…ever. Growing up, she read everything she could get her hands on, but her favorite authors were Laura Ingalls Wilder, L.M. Montgomery and Frances Hodgson Burnett all of whom wrote about kick-ass girls before it was cool for girls to be kick-ass. She got a Bachelor’s degree in Adolescence Education and English Literature quickly followed up by a Master’s in Library Science, which lets her frolic all day with her books and computers, leaving plenty of time in the evenings to write and yell at the Yankees, Giants and her favorite tennis players through the TV.


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Release Day Launch, Excerpt & Review: The Reality O by Candy Sloane

The Reality O Banner

Today is the release day launch for Candy Sloane’s The Reality O. I am so excited to share this erotic comedy with y’all. Candy is sharing an excerpt with us today, so be sure to check out all the info!!!

The Reality O Synopsis:

Fifteen Contestants, Twelve Episodes & One Very Big O

When my best friend Allie posted about my need for an inaugural O on a prominent dating website it was meant to be a joke.

A joke she was supposed to delete.

But her post started an internet and media frenzy and, when I was offered fifty thousand dollars to star in my own reality competition show, I had no choice but to say yes.

The Orgasm Virgin was supposed to help me meet a carnal companion who could finally bring me to climax.

Unfortunately, the one person I want to win the undying allegiance of my, well, you know, can’t be in the running at all.

Now in an L.A. mansion with fifteen very persuasive contestants vying for my attention and one undeniably sexy Production Assistant secretly getting it all the word ACTION has a whole new meaning…

Candy Sloane is an erotica author and the fictional creation of Lisa Burstein from the New Adult novel Sneaking Candy. The Orgasm Virgin is her debut novel.

Author’s Note: This book is about sex. There are men kissing women, women kissing women, and men kissing lady parts. It is not meant for readers under eighteen, or my mother.



Barnes and Noble



This is some funny smut!

If you love reality television, romantic comedies & smut novels the you have to read The Reality O. We begin by meeting Christine (Chris), a librarian and self-proclaimed bibliophile who is fairly reserved. And then we meet Allie, her best friend and polar opposite: an anchor on local news station who loves the spotlight & isn’t afraid to say (out loud) what she thinks. Apparently a night of drunken debauchery led to Allie posting on Craigslist that Chris was searching for a man who could assist her in obtaining her first orgasm (not accomplished by her own hand). The post goes viral and MTV finds their next new semi-sleazy reality show.

The rest of the book follows Chris’ interactions with the contestants in this reality show, or as they’re aptly nicknamed: the Gasms. And It. Is. Hilarious. It’s also pretty hot & steamy after Chris meets Scott, the sexy production assistant. HELLO DELICIOUSNESS.

The Reality O had me laughing out loud – Christine just cannot catch a break and the poor girl is dished out one embarrassing moment after the next. The Gasms also amused me at every turn – I especially loved Tongue & MD. My heart was aching for poor Cowboy who seemed to take the whole thing a bit more seriously than he should. Give the man a spinoff! Each date had me either gasping with pleasure or gasping because I was laughing so hard. Note: dining in the dark may be one of my new favorite date ideas…well, as long as it’s done with Scott there, because, Sweet Jesus. *fans self* [exclusive excerpt of this scene below!!!!]

I loved watching Scott and Chris sneak around, learn about each other & have a great time doing it. There’s no major jealousy or lies or pitting one person against the other, and I loved the light and fun feel to the whole story. I think I needed a book like this. Smart, witty, sexy & fun: I really enjoyed this book!!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]


Exclusive Excerpt:

This is from Episode Six: “Blind Date”.  All the reality show participants are at a restaurant eating dinner in pitch black, or as its sometimes called “Dinner in the Dark” Enjoy!


All of a sudden I felt a hand sliding up my leg from under the table. My body tensed and I screamed.

“Try to stay quiet,” Scott whispered into the receiver in my ear. “It’s me. I thought we could have a little alone time. Tell them you spilled water on yourself.”

Scott was under the table? Who was manning the camera? What if someone noticed?

“Chris, you okay?” Allie asked.

“Answer her,” he whispered against my knee.

“Yeah, just spilled my water,” I replied, spilling it for proof. Unfortunately I couldn’t see and it went all over me. It was fine, at least now every part of me was wet.

“Garrett is watching the feed, but I have the shot set from the tablecloth up. If we get caught, I’m screwed, but I couldn’t help myself. You make me wild and reckless,” he whispered.

A waiter came up behind me and handed me a napkin and a new glass.

“Your dress was so tight I was pretty sure you couldn’t be wearing any panties,” Scott said into my ear.

Damn, in addition to Scott’s many other talents, I guess he was also a panty psychic.

“The thought of you without panties made me so crazy I had to know.” He slipped his head under my dress and between my legs, laying small kisses along my upper thighs. “Glad to see I was right,” he crooned, starting to go at me with his tongue.

Well, who needs an appetizer?

“It wasn’t fair that you were the only one tasting something amazing tonight,” he whispered into my receiver “Stay quiet, stay hot.”

I sipped at my replaced water, or attempted to.

I listened as the waiter described the next course: grilled endive and calamari, but, with Scott’s tongue working me over, all I could taste was metal. My heart felt like it was going to fly out of my chest—it was impossible to keep still. I wanted to rock against him, to moan, to tell him I liked it, hell, I fucking loved it, but I knew I had to stay totally motionless, totally silent. It was like his mouth was a heat source, and I was trying to keep from boiling over, when the whole point was boiling over.

“What do you think, Chris?” my best friend Allie asked.

“I think…” My words were labored. Scott didn’t even stop, if anything, he went faster like he wanted me to respond with my opinion of what he was doing to me. I could feel him stroking me with his thick, wet tongue.

“It’s amazing, ahhh…”

Scott stopped.

“Stay quiet if you want me to be able to finish you off,” he whispered into my ear piece.

“Amazing, ah-mazing. Sorry,” I said, trying to recover, “I’ve just never tasted anything so good.”

I definitely wanted Scott to be able to finish me off. I wanted it more than anything. I saw the release his tongue offered like a light at the end of all this darkness, a blinding, stupefying light.

“It’s okay,” Allie said. “I wouldn’t scream out its name in bed or anything.”

Scott, I screamed in my head, because I would scream out his name in bed. I wanted to scream it out now, to beg him to continue. Scott, make me come the way only you can.

“Good girl,” Scott whispered, going right back to licking me like mad. A heat bloomed up from my core. I steadied myself against the table with both hands. “You taste so good,” Scott hummed. “Come for me.”

I bit the inside of my lip and the tang of blood hit my tongue, the pain matched only by the pleasure I couldn’t show.

He went at me harder. My orgasm started to escalate, a deluge of burns being doused, Scott’s tongue igniting a flame that my willing body flooded out. My insides convulsed like they were clapping for him. All I could do was hold on tight and enjoy the ride, and I did again and again.

Candy Sloane Bio:

5430977Candy Sloane is an erotic romance author and the fictional creation of Lisa Burstein from the New Adult Novel Sneaking Candy. The Reality O is her debut novel.

Lisa Burstein is the author of the Young Adult Novels: Pretty Amy and Dear Cassie, and the New Adult Novels & Novellas: Sneaking Candy, The Next Forever, The Possibility of Us, and Again. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her very patient husband, a neurotic dog and two cats.

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Review: Night Owl by M. Pierce

Author: M. Pierce

Book: Night Owl

Other Books in Series:

Last Light
After Dark – coming soon on March 24, 2015!


tl;dr recommendation: Matt made me angry, hot as hell, & wound so tight I could scream. And like Hannah, I fucking loved it.

Book Summary:

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers — all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano is a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent…

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah’s picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that’s passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.

Longer Review:

This is one of those books that has left me scrubbing my face and needing more. so much more.

Matt is M. Pierce, the incredibly elusive writer, and he cheats on his girlfriend with Hannah, who he met online. Don’t let this dissuade you! I’m going to have to re-evaluate my whole hatred of the cheating plot thing because this worked. It was painful at times, but it was written to be that way. And it grips you hard. Sort of like Matt’s cock whenever he looks at/thinks about/breathes on Hannah.

The story starts out innocently enough. Matt and Hannah are writing a story together online. They start out very simple – no real names, no real information exchanged, just shared stories. These rules start to blur and then totally break. Soon there’s not just names exchanged, but fluids. LOTS OF THEM. If you think this review is graphic…well…this is nothing compared to the book. So hold on, people.

Hannah breaks up with her boyfriend, quits her job and tries to re-start her life. She moves back in with her parents and tries to move on; yet, Matt keeps infiltrating every piece of it. First through her computer, then her phone, and eventually her body. Every. square. inch of it.

I hated Matt. I loved Matt. I hated to love him and I really loved to hate him. I spent the first fifty percent of the book cursing his name for cheating on his girlfriend, who I thankfully knew very little about except that she happened to like Africa and safaris and packaging meals in tupperware. Had I had more information I probably would have hated him even more. IF THAT WAS POSSIBLE.

And yet my traitorous vagina also started to throb at his dirty, awful mouth. Holy mother of god. This book is, to take a phrase from Hannah…wow. WOW. Matt and Hannah together are filthy and they both love it. There’s a bit of a dom/sub vibe to their interactions, but he doesn’t declare himself that way. He’s just controlling and bossy and occasionally likes to tie her up. And shit, it’s hot.

But there are SO MANY LIES. Matt thrives on control, so as the walls he has so artfully erected begin to crumble, he starts to fall to pieces as well. Hannah is quite frankly, the only one who can save him from himself. As the story progresses it stops being about the hateful man that Matt seems to be at times – and turns into being about the vulnerable one. Matt’s assholery rises to epic proportions at times, yet when you see him at the lowest of his lows the mask is ripped off and the pain is on full display. Those moments made me ache for him. That bastard.

I’m 100% in with this series. The dark undertones, the sweet caresses, the whispered words and the growling demands. I loved every piece of it. I must now go catch up and read Last Light before After Dark is released. Well done, M. Pierce!!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

Cover Reveal: Under the Influence by LB Simmons

Under the Influence KINDLE


I loved you once. A love I thought irrevocable. A love I mistakenly believed could transcend both time and circumstance. Under the influence of my dimwitted, naïve, traitorous heart, I became intoxicated with what I now know was simply a figment of my self-indulgent imagination. So drunk on the feeling, I couldn’t see what was right in front of my face. So foolishly enamored, I blindly followed my heart into the depths of an emotion that would ravage me.

Years later, I know now what I wish I knew then. I am stronger. Smarter. Tougher. I will not allow myself to be broken again.

I loved you.

I raged for you.

I wept for you.

And now, I’m letting you go.

Author’s Note: Under the Influence is the journey of two childhood friends that spans the course of five pivotal years in their lives. It is a story about their discovery of true friendship as it blossoms into first love, their experience of crucial sacrifice and ultimate betrayal, and their endurance of agonizing heartbreak on the way to finding lasting redemption.

Make sure to sign-up HERE for L. B Simmons newsletter for exclusive sneak peaks into

Under the Influence and a first look at Chapter 1.

L.B. Simmons is a graduate of Texas A&M University and
holds a degree in Biomedical Science.
She has been a practicing Chemist for the last 11 years. She lives with her husband and three daughters in Texas and writes every chance she gets.

GIVEAWAY: Paperback of Slow Burn by K. Bromberg!

Today is the release day of Slow Burn by K. Bromberg and to celebrate I’m giving away a copy! 

All you need to do is RT or favorite this tweet:

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This giveaway is hosted by me & me alone & will close at 6pm EST on 2/24/15

RELEASE DAY: Only for Him by Cristin Harber!


ONLY FOR HIM by Cristin Harber is available today! You do not want to miss volume 1 of Grayson and Emma’s epic love story!




Grayson Ford and Emma Kinglsey–close since they were kids, opposites in every way. He’s the stuff high school crushes are made of, Mister Popular, and captain of every team. She’s artsy, cute, and not in his league, though fully aware of Summerland’s “I Dream of Dating Grayson Ford” support group.

I can’t say no. The girl’s had my heart since before I knew it went missing.

He hides a life of hell. His father hates him, his mother’s gone. Emma is his only savior, yet she doesn’t know her power over him. She’s the only girl he wants, the only one he could ever tell–though he won’t.

I’m stronger, bigger, more of a man than he’ll ever be, but because I ruined his life, I’ve taken his crap, his attacks, the vulgar nature of his existence.

Until she discovers Gray’s embarrassment, his humiliation. Emma fights for him and for a chance. Theirs is a Cinderella story that she believes impossible. But as the layers peel back, it’s just a guy who needs a girl in order to keep breathing.

My mind is already doodling Mrs. Grayson Ford in imaginary notebooks. He has no clue where my head is at… But, given that I didn’t see what just happened coming, maybe I have no clue where his head is at either.

Only for Him. Only series, Volume One.
All novellas will release Spring 2015.

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Cristin Harber is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She writes sexy, steamy romantic suspense and military romance. Readers voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was both a #1 romantic suspense and #1 military romance bestseller.

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Blog Tour, Giveaway & Review: Collateral Damage by Elisabeth Grace

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Hollywood It Girl, Francesca Leon, has just landed the biggest role of her career…one that could clinch an Oscar nomination and open doors. If she’s going to move her career to the next level and work with top directors, she has to nail this part — and keep her sexy, but unreliable leading man from screwing everything up.

Team Calder

Bad boy Calder Fox is the son of Hollywood royalty and fresh out of rehab after his best friend’s death sent him on a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol. While his fans still love him and the paparazzi stalk him, he’s never taken life, or anything about his career, seriously. He may be charming and drop-dead gorgeous, but if he doesn’t stay sober, he could ruin Frankie’s future and expose her long-hidden family secret to the voracious media.

Behind the scenes

Things heat up during filming and have the potential to become hotter, deeper, and much more real. But can Frankie trust Calder with her secret? Or is he doomed to sabotage his own happiness yet again?

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She crossed her arms over her chest and cocked a hip to the side. “You may be the one laughing now, but just wait until it’s time to film that scene. You think I did a good job of sucking you in today? You won’t even know what hit you.”

I stared at her, unable to speak for a moment. The images of Frankie on her knees in front of me and the words she just spoke—specifically, the part about sucking me in—were bombarding my mind. I was now a little too eager for that day of filming to arrive.

“Cat got your tongue, Calder?”



Calder Fox, mega actor turned recent rehab patient, is attempting to turn his life around. He’s taking responsibility for his manwhoring, addiction riddled ways, and trying to make a real name for himself…sober. When he gets the opportunity to work on the movie Collateral Damage he’s scared shitless, but he jumps at the chance to prove himself.

Francesca Leon, or Frankie to her friends, is trying to break out of the indie movie scene. She’s a super serious, no nonsense kind of girl who treasurers her privacy and her family. Her role in the movie Collateral Damage is the big break she’s been waiting for and the very last thing in the world that she needs is for Calder to roll in and fuck it up.

This creates some serious banter and drama in the beginning that I reveled in. If it was a blanket I would have wrapped it around myself all day. These two made me smile with their shy glances and confused feelings. So, so adorable.

Just so you know, I am literally holding myself back from using every addiction pun that I can think of. I am saving you from myself. BUT OH MY GOD I really loved Calder & Frankie. There was so much chemistry going on I thought I was back in high school. (ok, I traded addiction puns for that. I’M SORRY). But seriously, I could feel my heart beating as they started to move away from friends territory and into the something more category…I was so nervous for both of them. Is this what they want? Will it backfire? Will Frankie be able to release her secrets? Will Calder be able to let Frankie in?

Calder’s transformation isn’t easy and when he breaks down my heart was hurting for him. He may lash out, but Frankie’s spirit and determination are perfect. Calder’s strength is so admirable…both of these characters have deep struggles, but this book gives you a peek into what happens when you let someone join you in your own fight. I loved it!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]


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