Book:   Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Have I read it before?:  No

What did I drink?:  pre-gamed with three beers while bowling with the family, then started clearing out those partially used bottles of wine from thanksgiving. I was cursing my mother for liking white zin because I find that stuff repulsive. However, I still killed the bottle.

How do I feel:  Beer before wine – totally fine. Don’t think that’s the saying, but it worked for me.

General Thoughts:

This book is hilarious. Hi-fucking-larious. I have never laughed so hard at a romance novel in my life. Alice Clayton started the book with a bang  – seriously – and I could not stop laughing. For a second I thought I had turned into the Giggler. OH. and there was a SCOTUS reference!!!

If I hadn’t been won over before – that did it right then and there.

Ok, brief synopsis: Caroline moves into a new apartment and her first night there she is introduced (through the wall) to her Wallbanger neighbor, Simon, and his harem of women. Technically, there are only three. Does three make a harem? I should google that. ANYWAY, Caroline nicknames them. She tries to get a glimpse of Simon. She Simon-proofs her bedroom wall after an unfortunate incident with a picture frame.

The build up between Caroline and Simon is adorable, sexy, and just really good fun. It also tortured me a little bit.

oh. and i was getting drunker around the time she agreed to go out with her ex-boyfriend.

Also, to quote Christina Lauren….

And she does. The banter made me laugh while still heating me up in all the right places. There is an inordinate amount of nooking.

AND THEN right at the time when these two Friends-Who-May-Be-More start to get a little closer SIMON DENIES HER. and I about died.

The rest of the book continues the same fantastic banter and funny quips, but also lets us see a little deeper into Simon and Caroline. I loved loved loved this book. I would classify this as a soft-erotica as there is a little bit of action, but it’s no where near the intensity of many other books in the erotica genre. However, what the book lacks in sex, it makes up in humor and innuendo. This book is just FUN and if you haven’t, you must read it immediately. You Will Like It.

(p.s. I can’t thank Alice Clayton enough for writing such a funny book because I was in dire need of some humor after a Thanksgiving marathon family weekend and this DELIVERED. 😉 )