**********************UPDATE: ok internet. I lied. I missed four books. books that fit nicely between 3 and 4. They are….

The Fixed Trilogy – Laurelin Page

Hudson – Laurelin Page

How could I have forgotten FOUR BOOKS?! One answer is because I became so swept up in the perfectness of Gideon Cross nothing else mattered (that’s actually quite possible). However, that truth is also mixed in the fact that I was SO PISSED after reading these books that I needed to move on to something. anything. That doesn’t mean the books sucked – I was just utterly pissed off. Thank God that fourth book was written or else I would have seriously been in a mood (and I was). for days. until I found Gideon. on second thought, I should probably thank Laurelin for the great workouts these books fueled.

so we get a feel for each other, let’s talk about the last ten books i’ve read (the most recent one being #1). I’ll be sure to give you my thoughts on them later-ish. but let’s get the awkward intro out of the way, shall we?

1.    Entwined With You – Sylvia Day

2.    Reflected In You – Sylvia Day

3.    Bared To You – Sylvia Day

is now a good time to ask when Captivated by You comes out, Sylvia? No? ok. I’ll leave that the the hundreds of people on twitter & facebook who ask everyday. don’t block me. i’m just worried – it’s the same feeling I get when I think about what would happen if i didn’t have life insurance on my husband and something should happen to him. i mean, what am i going to do?! it’s slightly irrational and everything, but really. you’re being safe, right? eat right. exercise. let’s get out books 4&5. ok thanks. I mean, it’s not like these are technically also 4-6 since I read them twice. in a row.

while I’ll go deeper into these later, let’s just say that if Eva cheats on Gideon with Brett in San Diego or wherever the hell she goes I will fucking hunt her down. Not that I’m invested or anything. Not at all. #Gideonisperfect

4.    Fifty Shades Freed – EL James

5.    Fifty Shades Darker – EL James

6.    Fifty Shades of Grey – EL James

Christian is wonderful, he is, but he’s no Gideon. More on this later. #stowyourtwitchypalm. and I may have read these three times. each. in a row. my husband is a lucky man.

7.    All seven Harry Potter books – JK Rowling

I cheated. I’m aware. but then I would have cut off my list in mid-series. that’s not right, is it? and i know I’m TEN YEARS LATE with like this entire list. Give me a break, I was in law school for part of that.

8.    Will Grayson, Will Grayson – John Green

9.    Paper Towns – John Green

10.  Looking for Alaska – John Green

bonus 11.  The Fault in Our Stars

ok, had to finish the grouping. Do you sense a theme here?

Generally, I pick an author and devour everything I can find. I know a book is good when my husband angrily stares at me and declares that I haven’t said more than fourteen words to him all day. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY. So, now you know me a little better. Let’s go out again, yes?