Author:   Mia Sheridan

Book:  Archer’s Voice

tl;dr recommendation: Believe the hype. It’s THAT GOOD.

Longer Review:

Are you looking for a standalone novel that will give you the erotica you crave with the romantic substance you need? Then this is a necessary read. I finally got around to reading this book and I so should have done it sooner. I was a little hesitant starting out, because, well HYPE. This book has hype in spades. It’s been acclaimed as one of the best erotica novels of 2014 and because I’m a cynical person I wasn’t sure I’d be a believer, BUT I AM. ohhhh I am.

Bree finds herself in a small little town after escaping the terror she suffered with in the big city. She’s searching for peace, solace, comfort….and closure. She has nothing to lose but herself at this point and she’s holding on to those pieces for dear life. Archer is a loner and a bit of a town mystery. He’s a local who suffered incredible loss and trauma as a child that he’s never really recovered from. Can Bree and Archer save each other?

I loved this book.This was practically a spiritual experience for me. I could feel my heart expand and contract with every beat. I actually held my breath towards the end – not even realizing I was doing it. Their love story is unconventional and unpredictable and it held me until the very last page. They hold each other up in ways that neither of them are prepared for but then realize that they can no longer live without. It’s hard to really review this book and say why I loved it so much without revealing all of its secrets, but let’s just say that there is such a deeper connection between these characters that makes you long to find out every detail about them. You want them to break free from the past and watch them mold their future. Sigh. I’m smiling just thinking about them. This steamy and heartwarming book was one that I could. not. put. down. and I know that I will pick up again.