Everything Has Changed by Sawyer Lee Davis
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Hayden McHale is perfectly fine with her life. Her junior year is underway, and all she wants to do is make it through with her two best friends in tow and a careful eye on her freshman brother. She lives a simple life working at the college library, takes no chances, and wants to graduate to make her parents in heaven proud. When she walks into her Drama Writing 101 class, she meets the ridiculously handsome Gannon O’Brian, and suddenly she realizes one thing she’s always been missing: someone to love. But of course, Gannon has a long-time girlfriend. It’s just her luck that the perfect guy for her can only see her as every other guy ever has, just a friend.

Follow the plan or follow his heart?

Gannon O’Brian has loved his long-time girlfriend Kami for as long as he can remember. Childhood friends, their parents had been inseparable since college, and it all just made sense to him that they should be together. But lately he’s been feeling like their lives are going in two different directions, that maybe he’s a different person. And that’s what he’s thinking the moment he lays eyes on Hayden McHale. He’s never once seen her before, even though they’ve shared a major for the past two years, but now that he has, he can’t not know her. As their friendship becomes stronger, Gannon starts to wonder if the direction his life is taking is pointing straight to her.

The right thing to do? They have no clue. The only thing they do know? Things will never be the same….

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About the Author:

Sawyer is a hopeless romantic who has loved words for as long as she can remember. Trilingual in English, Sarcasm, and Romance, you can most often find her with a cup of coffee in hand and a story brewing in her mind. On those rare times she’s not plotting her next story, she’ll be the one bingeing Netflix or getting a fix of her guilty pleasure TV shows.

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