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She’s the female I can’t have. If I take her, she’ll die.

As Warlord of the largest tribe on Solgad, my obligations are many. With a new strain of ice fever running rampant among the freeraiders, the team of healers supplied by the Empire is a welcome relief.

Until one of them arrives at Noja with her body begging to be bred, the scent of her heat a dangerous temptation. I save her from a group of rutting Jal’zar warriors, only to lock her in a room with the deadliest of them: me.

I carry a terrible curse.
Every female I touch dies.

No matter how much I long for this woman, I can’t let my instincts put Jessica at risk. As a father, neither can I afford to open my soul to what will only end in heartbreak and loss.

I am a male doomed to remain alone.
Unable to afford love because no female had ever survived it.

Neither will she.

Claimed by the Warlord is a full-length novel, and the second book in the Sci-Fi Romance series Ash Planet Warriors, featuring a scarred, tortured hero, and a divorced woman who loves him anyway.


I leaned into him, and kept my voice as low as possible. “If this is about the heated Jal’zar female, rest assured—“

“Forgive me urizayo but—” He glanced over one shoulder then the other. “She is not Jal’zar.”


He jutted his chin toward the hallway he’d emerged from. “It’s a healer from Earth.”

Gesturing both of them to follow, I made my way toward the meeting room. “How could this happen? Unclaimed women in heat are not permitted on Solgad unless they use suppressants to mask their scent.”

“She has, but there was… an accident,” the warrior said. “The dispenser insert the female carried with her must have broken when her bag caught on the overhead compartment of the stargazer. We didn’t notice the leak until we reached this room and she wanted to inject herself once more. I sent the unmated guards away right then.”

What remained were two warriors, one posted to each side of the automated palathium door, which I approached with steps as rapid as the beat of my heart. “A wise choice.”

The door opened.

I stepped inside.

My tendons snapped tight.

Pure and sweet, the potency of the female’s scent slammed through me. Flesh that hadn’t experienced the wet heat of mating in too long hardened behind the constraints of my uniform pants. A primal growl vibrated my fangs; nothing but an innate warning to nearby males, but embarrassing nonetheless.

A woman, the only in the room, lifted her brown gaze and met my eyes as if in answer. Violent heat rushed through my veins at the sight of that black, kinky hair that framed deep brown skin, taunting me to dig my fingers into them so I could restrain her.

Every muscle ticked beneath my skin.

Pupils fixed on every shift of her balance, nostrils flaring her way, I readied myself to chase her, sting her, claim—

Only instincts.

I didn’t truly want to bind this female to me, but that didn’t change the issue at hand: everyone else would try if we couldn’t get her to safety. “This female is going back home.”

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About The Author:

If I could introduce myself the way Daenerys Targaryen does, then it would probably sound like this:
mother of two children and the Clan of the Woodlands series,
drinker of two cups of coffee a day,
admirer of the Whippet and the Thoroughbred,
breaker of every single diet after two weeks,
loser of important ID’s,
caretaker of eleven hens,
minder of my own business and
lover of forests and mountains.

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