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His to devour.  His to claim.  His to keep?

I only went out to the supermarket.  Then I was abducted.  By aliens.  Freaking aliens!  What the hell?  So now I’m on another planet, at the mercy of one massive alien predator…
And what an alien he is – big muscles everywhere, handsome, winged and with a burning desire to eat me.


Jyr is the leader of a fearsome alien species known as the Gryn.  Dark and dangerous, winged and clawed, these predators need females, and he believes he already owns me.

I’m not that sort of girl.  For a start I don’t belong to him, or anyone.  I’m not staying on this planet to produce babies for an alien male who stalks my every move.

Who looks at me like I’m his perfect prey.
Who makes me feel warm inside.  Better than I’ve felt in a very long time.

But none of that matters.  I don’t belong here.  I’ve got to get back to Earth, by any means possible.

Just one problem…

This alien predator isn’t going to let me go…

A dystopian alien Sci-Fi Romance from Hattie Jacks.  Fierce is the first in the Rogue Alien Warriors series. This sizzling, steamy and smoking hot romance between an alien predator and his human prey will take your breath away…

No cheating, no cliffhanger and a HEA guaranteed!

About the Author:

Hello lovely reader!

I’m a British author. Not to play on the national stereotype or anything but I like tea. Actually, I like cake too. Tea and cake, preferably together and preferably chocolate fudge (the cake, not the tea).

When I’m not writing about super hot alpha aliens and feisty human ladies who are taking the whole abduction thing (and a lack of tea) in their stride, you’ll find me swooping around the countryside on my motorcycle or indulging in a bit of open water swimming.

Oh, and drinking tea. I do A LOT of tea drinking.

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