Author: CD Reiss

Book: Forbidden (Songs of Perdition #1-3)

tl;dr recommendation: gritty, raw and gloriously brutal. FIVE STARS.

Book Summary:

Everything about Fiona is forbidden.

She’s a party girl with dark desires.
She’s beautiful, irresponsible, irresistible.

She’s my patient.
I’m her therapist.

I’m past past wanting her. Past possessing her. Past bedding her or protecting her.

I’m willing to be self-destructive, negligent, brave, audacious, and stronger than I ever believed possible.

She’s blunt force trauma to the heart.
And she calls another man Master.

This book contains Kick, Use, and Break from the Perdition Series. It is the ENTIRE STORY with a complete beginning, middle and end.
If you read Kick and Use, Break is easily found in the table of contents, and it’s a full length novel.

Longer Review:

This is a fascinating, cryptic and lyrical ride through Fiona’s fucked up mind. CD Reiss has her own brand of kinky and this falls smack dab in the middle of it.

Dirty sex, rough sex, sensual sex, violative sex, degrading sex – it’s all present and accounted for and it’s all NECESSARY.

Fiona’s crazy. A little bit. We meet her while she’s waking up in a mental hospital and she’s not sure if she murdered or assaulted her Master, Deacon. She’s confused, she’s all over the place, she’s violent, and she’s horny as hell. She meets her therapist Elliot and it’s not the dirty love that you think is going to transpire. Somehow, with all of the crazy going on, the love between Elliot and Fiona is pure – and Fiona can’t handle it. She doesn’t even recognize it.

I was completely on #TeamElliot even though there were times that I adored Deacon. Besides the fact that there were two men, this really didn’t feel like a love triangle to me. I was pushed and pulled so hard and fast in Fiona’s mind that I may have lost sense that there was anything wrong with what she was doing or how she was doing it.

Reiss masters the forbidden and celebrates the taboo. I was completely invested and I didn’t even really like Fiona for most of the book. How fucked up is that?

Forbidden is gritty and gloriously brutal. It will leave you raw, plucking at your emotions just to see them twitch. I adore CD’s writing and her masterful telling of a complexly simple story. This book will twist your mind and spin your soul. If you like the Original Sinners, this is a #MustRead.

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]