Book: Afterburn/Aftershock by Sylvia Day

Have I read it before?:  Nope – first read. Thanks Kayla for sharing. I promised I’d have it read by the end of the weekend. PROMISE KEPT.

What did I drink?:  3ish glasses of Black Box Chardonnay. I keep it classy.

How do I feel:  Annoyed that I’ve wasted a lot of today away being lazy. I have shit to do. OH. also, I don’t feel that bad / hungover at all. God Bless Wine.

General Thoughts:

Ah, and so it began. You quickly learn that Jax and Gia have dated before – like 2 years ago – and by date, she means fucked for five weeks. And then Jax disappeared. Gia moves on with her life, gets her college degree and we meet up with her as she’s doing a five minute interview for a restaurant mogul with whom she really wants to work.

AND THEN WE MEET JAX. who I’m not sure I really fucking like.

Thank Fuck Sylvia Day gets it. I mean, she really fucking gets it (or me, whichever). She has the amazing ability create a fucked up asshole who women will eventually come to swoon over because there is always a reason for his assholey ways. AND in the meantime, while we’re starting to fall, we can love the female character for standing up for herself:

no really. i think I started clapping. in my living room. My husband stared.
Without giving anything away, Jax is connected to a political family, but is not political himself. They go to a political fundraiser and everyone starts to drink a bit. I figured, what the hell – join in! And I started to get a lot drunker…

I’m pretty obsessed at this point. Jax & Gia go back and forth as you would expect them to. There’s heat. a lot of heat. and obviously there is also sex but somehow there is still character development and depth in the story. Of course, there came a time when I wasn’t sure I was going to make it…


The storyline seriously pulls you in. I mean, I’ve read uhhhhh, an excessive amount of these types of books. Not all of which I liked. BUT THIS ONE IS GOOD. I swear. I have to give props to Sylvia – girl can write a good book. I really felt like this book was a precursor to Gideon & Eva. Obviously, she wrote it before writing Crossfire – but I mean, it was almost like these two were testing out some Gid&Eva like heat…just to see how it went. I don’t mean to downplay the book at all. Instead, the book was like foreplay – it really made me want more. And she fucking delivered with Crossfire.

BY THE WAY. I know you were dying to know. but I took off work November 18th for the release of Captivated By You. If it actually arrives on my Kindle at midnight – I will probably be done around 4am. I CANNOT WAIT. I may live tweet. This is your fair warning if you don’t want spoilers. #sorrynotsorry.