Book: Gabriel’s Rapture by Sylvain Reynard

Have I read it before?:  Nope. I started drunk reading about halfway through the book so I wasn’t entirely fresh with the story.

What did I drink?:  WAY TOO MUCH WINE. Thus the belated drunk reading…I purchased a large wine glass for halloween, but decided I HAD to try it out. (pictured below). I drank two of them. HOLYSHIT. I spent most of the night in my bathroom. oops.

How do I feel:  I felt unbelievably awful. I was reminded that I am no longer 21. and I felt that everyone reminded me loudly. My husband made me a greasy breakfast though, which was kind…and it helped. sort of.

General Thoughts:

I should start by saying that whoever placed the Gabriel’s Inferno series on an erotica booklist is an idiot (which is originally how I found it)….This is strictly a romance series – which is totally fine! but when a girl is reading this series expecting one thing and NEVER GETTING IT it can be a little frustrating. Spoiler alert: there isn’t any sex in the first book until page 540. I may have been counting down the minutes.

Anyway, once I started to appreciate the book for what it was and not what I was trying to make it into, I really enjoyed it.

and apparently I was getting drunk rather quickly:

because her name is Christa….but we can go with Christ. I mean, she sure as hell thought enough of herself. I somehow found myself in the part of the book where the characters distance themselves from one another for whatever reason – do you want a spoiler?! I’M TRYING TO AVOID IT. And I was really about to flip my shit:

I quickly reminded myself that I was only about halfway through the series. I’m glad I can calm my drunk self down.

And now you can begin to see not only my dissatisfaction with the way things are going in the book, but also my serious loss of typing skills:

I’ll save you a cliffhanger there – IT WASN’T A NIGHTMARE. goddammit.

And um. that was at 11:30pm. and I was toast. I couldn’t even hold on to keep reading to find out when/if he comes back (super spoiler alert: He does. SHOCK OF THE YEAR). The next day I was hungover, restless, feeling awful, and unbelievably on edge because I didn’t know what happened next. So I did the only obvious thing: I finished Gabriel’s Rapture AND Gabriel’s Redemption. It was necessary.

Overall feelings about the books? It was a fantastic love story that I really enjoyed after I realized it wasn’t an erotica series. It was Twilight love story-esque (that’s a motherfucking compliment from me, asshole) without the vampires. *this is probably because it started out as Twilight fanfiction – but when I first thought that, I actually didn’t know the series’ origin* [here’s where I’m super proud of my gut reaction to things].

I’m obsessed with the classic literature references throughout the books, and the author really took the time to research the topics she was writing about. I loved loved loved that. If you’re looking for a love story that will grip you to your couch for a few days, this is definitely one to grab.