Author: Christina Lee

Book: The Deepest Blue (Roadmap to your Heart #2)

tl;dr recommendation: If you need to satisfy your craving for love, romance, and multiple dicks – Christina Lee is your girl and The Deepest Blue is your cure. 5 stars!

Book Summary:

Rugged and conventional Callum Montgomery enjoys running Shady Pines hunting preserve, except for the secret that’s eating him alive. When his sister brings a date for a family wedding, he can’t stand the arrogant city slicker with the stick up his perfectly fine ass. He doesn’t understand his draw to Dean, who pushes his buttons at every turn, but he’d never dream of betraying his sibling over some lust fueled fantasy.

Handsome and conscientious Dean Abbott is a research assistant in his university’s biology lab. When his roommate, Cassie, begs him to be her pretend date in front of her meddling family, he begrudgingly agrees to help. He doesn’t anticipate being enchanted by the countryside, the colorful cast of characters, or her sexy and brooding straight brother.

When contempt turns to passion and leads to stolen moments in a sugar cane field, Callum can’t help longing for the kind of connection he believes he can never have. But not even the world’s most heart-melting kiss can bridge the vast philosophical differences between the men.

Dean’s return to his urban lifestyle leaves him restless, his mind continually wandering to the charming setting that spoke to something missing deep inside him. Because you can take the city boy out of the country but you can’t make him forget the intriguing man he left behind.

Longer Review:

Be still my ovaries. They really shouldn’t be making noise at all AND YET, they don’t care. Callum and Dean made them throb and scream and beg to be invited into their inner circle. They are ADORABLE together. I may have a thing for m/m books. pshhhh. whatevs.

The basic premise is simple: Dean agrees to be his BFF’s date to her cousin’s wedding so that they stop bugging her about marrying a certain ex who would serve to expand their family’s land. When Dean shows up and runs into Callum they banter back and forth like they’ve been married for years.

Except that Callum isn’t out. He’s never been out. And he’s not sure he can be without putting his family’s business in jeopardy. But he feels a pull to Dean that he’s never felt with anyone before – the crazy part is that for a good portion of this book neither of them know that the other is available or interested…and YET you could feel the intensity with every glance and slight touch.

A little angsty but with so much more love, Lee develops deep characters with deeper feelings. I genuinely liked each guy and I LOVED when they decided that they liked each other too. If you need to satisfy your craving for love, romance, and multiple dicks – Christina Lee is your girl and The Deepest Blue is your cure.