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The fourth installment in the internationally bestselling series Glacial Blood from Amazon Bestselling Author Anna Edwards…

Isobel Ross has led a sheltered life, because her father is a Senator for Montana, and she has to act a certain way. She’s known love only to have her heart shattered when the man she gave her virginity to disappeared. Chance brings them back together. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him?

Zain Thornton is the honey-loving bear of the Glacial Blood pack. Is his obsession a mask for the guilt and fear he hides? He’s a shifter. The woman he loves can never be with one of them. It’s too risky for all their futures. Can he find a way to live the life he wants when everything around him falls apart?


“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?” Zain brought her into his arms, and she nestled her head against his broad chest. They were alone in her bedroom, lying on her bed. Her father was out at a function for his senatorial campaign. She had sort of listened to him, when he was telling her about it, but she’d been more excited about Zain coming over. They’d been in a relationship for so long that she didn’t know where he ended and she began. She wanted to take it to the next level; she had wanted it for over a year now. She was a year younger than his twenty, and she was ready.

“Zain?” She pushed herself up with a questioning look on her face.

“Yes?” He looked at her. There was sexual heat evident in his eyes. A heat which instantly went down to her panties, and arousal pooled there. She was nervous about asking him again. They’d only discussed sex one other time, two years ago during a picnic. She’d been ready, but he’d said ‘no’. She wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer this time. She wanted him.

“I’m sure every time you go home, from being with me, you must jerk off because I know I play with myself. I’m beyond frustrated.”

He sat bolt upright, almost whacking her square in the face.

“You what?”

“I masturbate.”

He gulped slowly. She looked down at his groin where his trousers were straining over his growing erection.

“Izzy, please.”

“No. You’re going to listen to me, this time. I want you to make love to me here and now. If you don’t, then I’m just going to have to look after myself because I’m so horny I need to get off.” There, she’d said it. Oh, god. What if he still said no and walked away? Damn it. No, don’t falter, stay focused she told herself.

“You do?”

“I do.”

“You will?”

“I will.”


“Zain,” she pouted.

“You want to take our relationship further?”


“I don’t know.”

“Zain Thornton, I mean it. If you don’t scratch this itch I have, then I’m going to have to do it myself. We’re both over the age of consent. Way over. We have the house to ourselves. We’ve been together for four years. We’re virtually an old married couple, spending all our time together. My dad even thinks we’re sleeping together because you’ve stayed over enough and fallen asleep in my bed. That’s why he’s not worried about you being here tonight while he’s out. Sleep with me!”

“Izzy.” Zain shuffled closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.


“I should say no.”

“No, you shouldn’t,” she whispered.

“But I’m…”

“You’re what?” Her voice was getting desperate now. She was pleading with the man she loved to show her just how much he felt for her.

“I’m a…I’m…”


“I’m in love with you.”

About Anna

Anna hails from the rural countryside near London.  She previously worked as an accountant, and while she still does a bit of accountancy on occasion, the majority of her time is now spent writing and looking after her family.

An avid reader herself, Anna turned to writing to combat depression and anxiety after her diagnosis in 2015. She loves travel, hunky heroes with dirty mouths, demure but spunky heroines, and dramatic suspense. You will find all four woven into each of her magical stories.

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