Find out how Casanova Charlie met his Twin Tornadoes in this excerpt from
Love by Andi Jaxon and AJ Alexander … coming August 8!

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“Sweets, you want me to stay with you, don’t you?” I give her the most pitiful look I can muster. Amber immediately starts to giggle, bringing Avery back to the door. Once she notices the look on my face, she’s laughing as well. I can’t hold it any longer, I laugh right along with my girls.

“Alright, Casanova. You win, you can come in and watch a movie with us. No funny business.”

“Are you kidding me? I’m not even going to get a blowy?” I say as I follow both of them into the living room, grabbing a seat on the couch.

Amber looks at me with a straight face and says, “Only sluts give head on a first date. Everyone knows that.”

The look on Avery’s face is priceless, I manage to muffle my laughter with a cough. Her cheeks pink, eyes become wide in surprise.

“Well then, I guess you two are mine, cause we sure as hell did more than talk the night we met. Let’s call tonight the first date of many.”

I can see the desire in both girl’s eyes as they remember that night, I even have to reach down and adjust myself just thinking about all the fun we had.

Stretching out in the back seat, there’s a knock on my window, and the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid eyes on pokes her head in.

“Well, what do we have here?” A wicked smile plastered across her face.

“Can I help you?”

“You sure can,” she responds as she pulls her phone to her ear. “Babes, you have to come see what Kit-Kat left for us.” I hear a muffled response before she hangs up the phone.

I watch as she opens the door and climbs into my jeep, straddling my legs. She groans as she slides her fingers into my hair pulling my face to hers. Forcing my mouth open with her tongue, we battle for control. I grip her hips, grinding her pussy into my rock hard cock.

“Bitch, you started without me,” a second beauty snarks from the door as she climbs in.

“Sorry, not sorry. He was just too delicious to resist.”

These two women are my wet dreams in the flesh, curves in all the right places. Long brown hair, perfect for wrapping around my hand and pulling.

“Are you twins?” I can’t hide the excitement in my voice, as I nibble on the neck of the beauty in my lap.  

“Close enough. I’m Avery, this is Amber. If you’re a good little sailor, maybe we’ll rock your world. You game?”

There’s a twinkle in both their eyes that I can’t explain, these two are ready to play. Who am I to deny them?

“Both of you strip. Arms on the seat and put those gorgeous asses in the air.”

They both purr with anticipation as they follow my command. I slip my fingers into both of their pussies, both moan for me. I decided to have a little fun with Amber and put pressure on her tight hole, she groans deep in her chest, arching her back to give me better access.

“Get Avery off, or you don’t get yours.”

Avery looks at me, her blue eyes dark with lust, as she climbs above Amber so she can lick her folds. I finger Amber’s ass in time with each lick.

“Oh, shit… oh, shit… fuck!” Avery moans.

“Ride those fingers, baby.”

As Amber continues to lick Avery, I’m pumping my fingers into Amber’s ass.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum again!” she yells, bucking against us.

Her body sings to me as if we’re in tune, Amber switches to finger Avery’s pussy, biting on her clit.

“FUCK!” Avery screams her release.

A lazy smile crossed her lips. “You just may be our new favorite toy,” she whispers in my ear before giving it a bite.

Slowly but steadily, I push past the tight ring of muscles of Amber’s hole until I’m sheathed inside, both of us moaning from the sensation.

“Fuck me,” she says.

“With pleasure.”

I keep up a punishing rhythm, leaning forward to squeeze her throat as we both cum hard. Grabbing a fist full of Avery’s hair, I slowly pull out of Amber and crush Avery’s mouth to mine. Sitting back on the seat, I position her over my dick. “Ride me like a cowgirl, Sugar.”

“Hmm, Sugar, huh?”

“You got a problem with it?” I raise my eyebrow, daring her to give me lip.

“Not at all,” she takes my cock in one push causing us all to moan, Amber included.

Avery is grinding her hips on mine as  Amber’s fingers inch toward her clit.

“Sugar needs something Sweet to eat.”

With a smile, Amber climbs on my chest and bites Avery’s neck, encouraging her to fuck me harder, pushing her once again into an orgasm.

I speed up, filling her as I groan in pleasure, they slide off of me, all of us trembling. I don’t know what I did to deserve these two, but I sure as hell am not letting them go.

Honor (SEAL’ed Book 1):

About Andi Jaxon

Raised in California, I’m a crunchy mom, save the whales and the rain forests, hippy. I married a sexy man in uniform who let me spawn and am now raising a mutinous army of hell raisers that I created myself, all while he defends our country. I drink too much coffee until it’s late enough to drink too much wine and am sexually frustrated for your freedom. If you see me online, I’m probably sitting in a closet, hiding from my kids.

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Fluent in sarcasm, Supernatural, and song lyrics, I like talking to people and finding what makes them tick, though that probably has to do with the Psychology degree. I’m up before the sun because my kids don’t sleep, chugging tea and coffee to keep my eyes open and my brain semi functional. Being married to a man in uniform means I’ve lived a lot of places, survived seeing my husband for half the amount of time I’ve been married, and spent a lot of time raising my kids alone.

I love to write messed up psychos with lots of angst, happily ever afters that have to be worked for. Women with sass and backbone, men with a twisted hero complex and the need to control are my favorite to read as well as write.