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In the space of one night, my world is thrown into the air and dropkicked into a new dimension. Sounds dramatic, right? Probably because it is. I’m no stranger to drama, but this… this takes the award for Best Dramatic Bombshell.

It all starts with a carjacking on a dusty highway twenty miles outside Tucson, Arizona.

That’s the normal part of that night, I guess.

What happens after that…well, let’s just say I’ll never be the same again.


The moment I sense her spying on me, I know I can’t let her go. She isn’t what I was expecting to find. She isn’t like the rest of the mortals. So I steal her and make her my captive.

No one knows she’s been taken. No one knows where she’s gone. No one knows what her future holds, except that she belongs to me…

Until death do us part.


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