Author: Tess Diamond

Book: End Game (O’Connor & Kincaid #3)

Other books in series: 

Dangerous Games (O’Connor & Kincaid #1)
Game of Lies (O’Connor & Kincaid #2)

tl;dr recommendation: I loved the drama, swooned over Jake and ate up the suspense. 4 stars!

Book Summary:

Will this dangerous game end in tragedy for Special Agent Maggie Kincaid?

A Senator’s daughter’s life hangs in the balance, and the FBI have suffered a deadly blow. Now Maggie and Jake O’Connor must throw away the play-book and go rogue to rescue the teen victim – before a political conspiracy silences them all for good. But with lives hanging in the balance, there’s no room for error. Will Maggie’s own traumatic past be the key they need to unlock the case – or the weapon that will destroy them all?

Longer Review:

Finally!! The conclusion I so desperately needed. End Game is the third and final installment in this heart stopping serial. We pick back up with Maggie and Jake as they’re about to change the game. They’re going to hunt down the unsub and (hopefully!) save the Senator’s daughter.

I was surprised at some of the twists that were thrown at me here. Well played, Tess. Well played. The writing kept me on my toes and the plot kept me engaged. While I absolutely adore romantic suspense for that reason – I was a little bummed that there wasn’t a whole lot more romantical interaction between Jake and Maggie. This was definitely heavy on plot over sex. I GUESS THAT’S OK. There’s still most definitely a spark between them and their relationship spirals towards the center of the story, but it’s not all banging. Regardless, their budding relationship blossoms into something believable and enjoyable.

The story wraps up and loose ends are all tied – except for one. Which totally bugged me. I’m assuming that it was left open so that the thread could continue into the next book/series, but when each serial ends in a cliffhanger I really wanted the last book to solve every piece of the puzzle.

Even still, this FBI danger ridden plotline called to my law and order loving heart. I loved the drama, swooned over Jake and ate up the suspense. 4 stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]