Author: Ainsley Booth

Book: Hate Fuck: Part One

Other Books in Series:

Hate Fuck: Part Two – coming soon on March 24, 2015
Hate Fuck: Part Three – release information not yet available

tl;dr recommendation: So much hate. So much fuck. SO MUCH AWESOME.

Book Summary:

I push her buttons. I want to push them in the good way. Dirty, up-against-the-wall, my-hand-in-her-pants kind of way.
But that’s not possible, because I’m dark and she’s light, and we both know it.
So I push her buttons in the bad way, making her hate me.

If a genie granted me three wishes, I’d ask for Cole Parker to never look at me again, that I’d forget the dark promise in his eyes, and that just once, before he vanished from my life completely, that he’d push me up against a wall and fuck me.
Then I’d go wash my mouth out with soap.

Longer Review:

Holy shit. This serial is an incredibly entertaining read that I did not want to put down. If you want an alpha male who loves to dirty talk whose eyes occasionally give a glimmer of somethings softer….something more…then you absolutely must read this now. NOW. There’s so much angst built up between Cole and Hailey – and for good reason – that when they collide they clash mouths and are left with bruised lips. It’s so intense and hot, you’ll slide off your seat.

There’s a cliffhanger – of course there is – it’s a serial. So just forget about that, jump onto this ride and start fanning yourself.

Hailey’s fairly famous family is fucked up. Her sister just blew the Vice President and apparently there’s a sex tape and her father just got over a scandal himself. Hailey likes being normal. She wants nothing to do with any of it, but can’t help that the press and paparazzi keep drooling for her comment at her door. Cole’s part of the hired security team who swoop in to fix anything and everything that money can buy. He’s cold. He’s distant. He’s manipulative. He’s off the charts hot.

Besides the fact that the title of this book is fucking brilliant, the writing itself is actually also quite fantastic. The dual POV was greatly appreciated as I loved getting a glimpse into Cole’s head. I think that was really necessary for me to love him as much as I do. Hailey overthinks things, but that’s also because she’s attempting to protect herself. However, I actually didn’t find her annoying. She constantly tried to talk her out of whatever this was with Cole, but her body wouldn’t let her mind think for itself. Thanks, Hailey’s body, because the scenes between the two of them are insanely good.

Did I mention that I love the dirty talk? FOR EXAMPLE: “Let’s get you inside, then. Inside and on your knees. You owe my cock a long, wet kiss.”

Sure Cole. Anything you say, Cole. Where do you want me to kneel, Cole? I need book two. nownownow. pretty please?

[I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review]